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Youngest CEO supports PETA
[from Hindustan Times]

When men of his age were idling in theatres, shopping malls, restaurants and other entertainment spots, 19-year-old Suhas Gopinath, who heads a multinational company, is fighting for a noble cause � protection of animals.

He feels that it was the bounden duty of humans to protect innocent animals, many of which were on the path to extinction. In an interview to PETA India's youth arm, Gopinath, CEO of Global Inc, said, "As humans, we need to have some morality and ethics to give back to those innocent creatures from which we have taken and exploited for our comforts and needs.

"We need to utilise our intelligence and resources in protecting innocent animals, instead of applying the same intelligence to destruct them," the prodigy said. Strongly advocating vegetarianism, Gopinath said a vegetarian diet was low in fat and high in fibre which was essential for a healthier and longer life.

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