October 2006

If it hadn't been for a demonstration by an animal rights organisation at a Hemant Trivedi fashion show in New Delhi a few years back, the designer would probably never have decided to boycott the use of leather.

Recalls an activist who was part of the protest: "Hemant Trivedi was showcasing his leather creations when we all jumped onto the stage shouting slogans against use of leather. Though he was very upset, he did not stop us then.

As fate would have it, he happened to be on the return flight with us and came to us demanding to know why we tried to disrupt his show. We showed him footage of tanneries and slaughter houses supplying leather. Shocked, he instantly pledged to boycott leather and help create awareness against its use."

The approach may have been radical, but it worked wonders for garnering public support. Any wonder social organisations are now discovering the influence of unconventional public campaigns for grabbing mass attention?

Feels Jayasimha, a functionary of an international animal rights organisation that has been organising such demonstrations in Lucknow and Kanpur, "Making headlines for serious social issues is not easy.

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