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Animals in Bosnia and Herzegovina Fires

NOA Association for the Protection of Animals Bosnia & Herzegovina - in the Balkans during the big fires - one does not even mention the game, thousands of them gets damaged and loses its habitat. Hunters do not help this situation but zlokoriste. (No suspension of hunting and hunting activities) Just mention acres of burned forest, which are also the only habitat of the animals. We are looking for an immediate cessation of hunting ban in the region. Not only in burned areas, but on a much wider area. Aggravating is that disturbed animals further casualties from mines located in Terni.

We pray for the immediate intervention of authorities!


Animal Protection Society of NOA

Knjaz Milos 57
78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

tel.faks no. + 387 51 92 44 41

Tel: + 387 (65) 933 617


President of the Association:
Dragomir Mijic

Secretary of the association:
Bogdan Mijić

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