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Macedonian Association for Protection of Animals

We are a Macedonian Association for Protection of Animals "Anima Mundi" ; a national, non-profit citizens association active in the area of protection of and assistance to the animals in the Republic of Macedonia, including sensibilization of the general population on the in severable connection between animals and humans. We are very enthusiastic in our goal to establish cooperation with all related organizations for protection of animals from Europe and across the world, in which context we would like to mention our membership in the European Vegetarian Union and our status as a national representative - Macedonian observer of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments. Our actions have distinguished us as the most active Macedonian association which fights for humanity towards animals, renowned for its strong enthusiasm and the tireless volunteerism and dedication.

What is the purpose of this letter?

Although we are a young organization only founded in 2009, we have been following Your activities in the area of animal protection and welfare for a long time and we respect Your experience, commitment, achievements and success- from which we learn and which serve as guidelines for our future activities. Your influence has changed thousands of fates and has saved thousands of animals. Therefore, we ask for Your help and support regarding protection of the stray animals in the Republic of Macedonia which: 1.) are subject to mass slaughter carried out by the local government "the municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia, actually responsible to solve the problem with the strays in the country; 2.) are subject to shocking forms of violence on daily basis (torture, poisoning, strangling, mutilation) caused by devious individuals whose crimes go unpunished. We are attaching more detailed evidence in support of our claims to this letter.

Because of the above stated, we ask for Your:

1.) WRITTEN SUPPORT TO STOP THE MASS KILLING OF THESTRAYS IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA CARRIED OUT BY OR UPON ORDER OF THEMUNICIPALITIES OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA (in the city of Skopje, this is done in the holding facility "Vardarishte", where dogs are brought by incompetent dog catchers, housed in miserable conditions and killed in large numbers; the other cities deal with the problem by resorting to mass poisonings or catching and killing the dogs) as mass killing is not a solution to the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs, nor is it ethically acceptable for a country aspiring to access the EU;

2.) WRITTEN SUPPORT FOR OUR INITIATIVE FOR ESTABLISHMENTOF A SPECIAL SERVICE FOR PREVENTION OF AND PROTECTION FROM VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS which will investigate, respond to reports from citizens, keep records of, indicate and report cases of violence against, torturing and killing of animals which is, according to the Macedonian legislation (the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia and the Law on Protection and Welfare of Animals) punishable by law. Although we have investigated and called for action in many cases of dreadful violence against animals (butchering a dog in the street, feeding live kittens to pit bulls, torturing of ostriches, dog fighting, shooting of dogs and cats in the street, setting alive animals to fire, zoophilia...), no action has even been undertaken.
Our letter is attached with this e mail.

We are looking forward for Your reply,

Yours faithfully,

Animal protection association Anima Mundi, Stole Velkovski, president

Здружение за заштита на животни "АНИМА МУНДИ"
Контакт телефон: 077 487 253; 070 289 459

Денарска сметка: 240090002006130

Депонент: Уни Банка АД - Скопје

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