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November 7, 2017 - Cyprus 12 DOGS RESCUED

received anonymously: "When dead dogs were found in disgusting cages, activists decided to liberate the remaining live sick dogs. In total 12 dogs have been liberated, receiving medical attention, and hope to be re homed when fully recovered. until all are free"

October 26, 2017

We liberated 12 dogs over the weekend from horrific situations We send some photos of the happy dogs now, but there is a problem..

The owner after 2 days discovered the starving, sick dogs were missing He only went to feed the dogs once a while as you see with the conditions. He reported to the police and a villager remembered seeing the truck.

Now one of our activists has been arrested, released on bail.

We need to highlight that she had to liberate because the Authorities do nothing the legal way. There had been 2 reports to the Authorities previously on this man, and nothing was done.

I submit an email and message to the Animal Party who refused to come out at the weekend..too late for the animals as were days away from death in squalid conditions. I would like you to post them up because he has condemned our actions and lied to the media.

The owner is now trying to blackmail the activist with the village police backing him up that  if he drops charges, he cannot be prosecuted.He also wants his dogs back, but they are not micro chipped, or registered so are not legally his.

The dogs are sick with Ehrlichia, riddled with fleas, were starving and gouged for days to flush out the animal bones, fur and what looked like raw meat. We have given veterinary care at our own expense, and they are now putting on weight.

We need to ask other activists to support our activist in her fight for justice. Like the woman who gave water to a pig to slaughter in Canada..we need to support those who care about the animals who were being tortured and abused in these conditions.

Thank you so much..let me know if I need to change anything or you haven't been able to access pages..respects..until all are free

our link will explain more..
Cyprus Animal Defenders - CALF

LIBERATION Update The owner of the dogs who has stated they were stolen made a report to the Stroumpi police.

The Police arrested a local volunteer who had been concerned for the animals welfare in the conditions mentioned from travelling tourists shocked at the horrors they witnessed.

The Police posted a statement on their website in relation to this case.
The volunteer is released on bail. This is from the Greens relating to their letter released this morning which we thank them for. The case of the theft of the dogs in Stroumpi, is creating a lot of questions of the one directional action of the local powers. 

This is because the volunteer of the pound, was informed by tourists, who found the dead dogs in the area, and where next to them, lived some other dogs in dire conditions. In this case there are photos of the situation and uncalled for conditions of the area. This evidence, will make it very difficult to convince us that the volunteer's actions can be theft We demand the police to investigate the whole case and not to remain as the case of the theft of dogs only. We are very upset that so far the police are not showing any interest in investigating the dire conditions these dogs were kept and some were dead. Also noted that the owner does not have the dogs registered with the municipality or vet services, which are 2 clauses of the law, so how can the police act on his word and insistence? We feel that the police are refusing to act with the same conviction and actions to the conditions of the dogs and that the hunter did not have a breeding license or upkept the law of keeping hunting dogs We invite the government services (plus some other dept) to investigate this case and within the law under their power


 Andrea Barlow

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