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Cyprus Animal Defenders/CALF (Cyprus Animal Liberation Front)

Dec 17, 2015

CAD/CALF took action in London on Tuesday 15th December 2015 with a protest outside the High Commission Of the Republic Cyprus. Having heard that 2 workers from Anastasia Tsokkos Hotel had been acquitted, after a court hearing at the local court house.

One of the men in court, admitted to having thrown the little dog into a mechanical working crusher in 2014...yet justice had not been served. The little black dog named Billy, had suffered a severe blow to the head and then been thrown into the crusher. He was found by tourists under black bags, whimpering in the crusher, by the blades. It is unclear if he had already been turned in them as was lying at the bottom.

Despite 2 major protests in Cyprus from Tourists and Cypriot community, there has been no justice and punishment given.

In a rare occurrence, three people from the London protest were invited into the Embassy to talk with the High Commissioner. Pressure has now been placed on the Cyprus Tourist Board to accept that many tourists are refusing to go to Cyprus whilst the increasing animal cruelty continues. More action is going to be planned for Justice for Billy!

Billy crying in the skip video APC post.mp4

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