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German web sites: Befreite-Tiere - Vegetarian site

[email protected] - AR News group

Two sites in the German language, but the photos speak volumes of dogs that were saved. "looking for a home" this one has photos of the directors (a couple) and the other people involved, the guy on the bottom is a lawyer

ALF Primer translated into German
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   Das Animal Liberation Handbuch
   German Primer Part1 (pdf)
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   ALF Primer part 2 - German
   German Primer Part 2 (pdf)

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M�dchen erkl�rt, dass sie kein Fleisch mehr essen will [ber�hrendes Video] - July 2015

Germany Set to End Brutal Killing of Male Chicks in Egg Industry - April 2015

The German primate laboratory, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (MPI), has been raided by the police - Jan, 2015

Berlin Protest vs. Factory Farms - Jan 2015

Animal-rights activists ramp up campaigns in Europe - Dec 2014

Alliance formed in Germany on animal welfare - August 2014

Germany: blocking Wiesenhof poultry abattoir - August 2014

Dolphins in Varna - Nightmare for Dolphins - Feb 2014

"Fleisch ist Mord" - Brandanschlag auf Bochumer Fleischerei - Dec 2013

Animal welfare issue at centre of German elections - Sept 2013

German Meat Free Day - August 2013

DE - Kuhrettung - Happy Cows - video - August 2013

Germany Vs. Sheep Cruelty - June 2013


Dog Factory in Erfurt - April 2013

Europe's first vegan supermarket opens in Dortmund - March 2013

Veganmania Schweiz 2012 - September 2012

Undercover Images of Germany's Worst Mink Farm - August 2012

"Veggie-Parade" zieht durch Berlin - - July 2012

Victory before the European Court of Human Rights: "No hunting on my property!" - June 2012

How Factory Farm Drug Abuse Makes Vets Rich - April 2012

Woman Drives Hercules Into Forest to Stop Hunters - Feb 2012
      More on this story -- Feb 2012

Seal Products Ban - Feb 2012

Das Ende der Stierkaemp​fe - Dec 2011


Toro de la vega (powerpoint pps file)

Krieg in Spanien - acm (3299kb .pdf)

Krieg in spanien - KONTAKTE (652kb .pdf)

German Fair's foie gras ban riles French official - July 2011

"Eating Meat" Conference - February 2011


Heftige Website Aufgetaucht - February 2011

Veganism increasing in Germany - January 2011

German Based, Global Network Against the Fur Industry Gets Victory on Escada Campaign - October 2010
     German victory against Escada - Oct 2010

German Anti-Fur - June 2010 (in German)

Germany: Minks on the Run - March 2010

Protestors Removed from site of pharmaceutical company - August 2009 - August 2009

Animal Advocate's House Burned - January 2009

Protest Against the Aiimes Animal Laboratory - December 2008

Animal Researcher Denied Licence - December 2008

Stop Primate Research at University of Bremen - November 2008

German authority halts primate work - October 2008

Olympic Protest - in German

Boycott Spain - March 2008

Thousands of Minks Escaped - October 2007

International Demonstration - June 2007

Dog Rescue Video - April 2007

Arson Attack on a Meat Factory - March 2007

Seal Products Ban - Feb. 2007. Germany moves forward with proposed legislation to ban the import of all seal-derived products

Mink Liberation - January 2007

October 2006 Liberation from a circus

German parliament bans seal products - October 2006

We are a club of dog friends and we are fighting for the rights of our beloved ones. Our Homepage is and At the moment (Sept. 2006) we are collecting money to sue the Hamburg Government for a terrible dog-law in this beautiful town. We are 350 people now and growing every day.

Hamburg Meat - Sept 7, 2006 protest

Covance demonstration -- 1 minute. Demonstration against Covance in Munster (it's spoken in German)

Peta -- June 2006. Activists from PETA lay in coffins to protest against the consumption of chickens.

KFC Prot -- April 2006. Protests against cruelty to chickens.

The egg industry: May 2006. (it's spoken in German). -- March, 2006. German Pig Farm investigation (link to site in German).

Pelz-Demo -- Anti-fur demonstration in Munich, Feb 11, 2006.

Germany -- Young battery hen with cataract. She's being rescued.

German ARAs -- November 2005.

German PETA video 

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