The efforts to free the 'Ancona 100' dogs

continues through the courts

Below are two beautiful 'slide shows' of some of the dogs that have been rehomed in Germany over the years ......... but the first few pictures on the first 'slides show' feature some of the impounded dogs in Italy ..........

Some of you may have already seen the wonderful collection of photographs .... behind every picture is a story of a dog(s) rescued from a hopeless life on the streets in Greece, now living happily in Germany and being treated as a 'family member'. Interestingly, the dogs actually look 'Greek' ... meaning, they are the type of dogs which can be seen around Greece ..........

How can anybody believe the dogs that have been impounded in Ancona were going anywhere else but to loving homes!!



Die Griechenland Hunde aus der

Griechen in Deutschland Aktion sind jetzt auf myVideo zu sehen:

http://www.myvideo. de/watch/ 1313618 Teil 1

http://www.myvideo. de/watch/ 1313575 Teil 2

(Auch hier wieder der Hinweis: Falls der Link nicht direkt funktioniert, bitte einfach kopieren und in die Befehlzeile einfügen dann return...)

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