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December 20, 2017 - SHOOTING TOWERS FALL

anonymous report, from; click here for video of the action:
"17th December, Hambacher Forest.
On our walks outside of the forest we have discovered that a sand and stone mine is allowing hunters to murder animals. Four towers fell today, and not just the towers, but their machinery will be targeted if they allow this murdering behaviour.
You've been warned!


anonymous report, from
"12th December, Hambacher forest.
Hunters are dickheads so every time we stumble upon a new shooting meadow, another shooting tower falls. Those small enough to carry are used as barricades. The rest are left completely useless, sometimes hanging off trees without legs, sometimes laying down like the fallen statues during Columbus Day.
Fuck hunters. Fuck speciesists. Fuck hierarchies."


anonymous reports, from
"26th November, Hambacher Forest.
I couldn't leave that fourth tower standing. Now it rests calmly on the ground.
Fuck RWE and fuck speciesism.
A lone owl, this time with some other forest friends."

"24th November, Hambacher Forest
After the court's decision to cut the remains of the forest and a call from the police to inform us that we will be evicted next week, I decided to send a message.
I came out of the perimeter of the forest to locate four huge shooting towers. Slow and steady under the handsaw, each one of the legs gave way. Unfortunately, the police were parked only 100 meters away from the fourth tower, so it will have to be done a different day.
I approached the railway used by RWE to transport coal. With a rope attached to one of the extremes, I tied the other side of a metal chain to the rail. Then, throwing the rope over the electricity cables and pulling the chain upwards I caused the electric system to trip with a huge sound flying in the sky. They won't be transporting coal tonight.
Seeing the police lights approaching the railway, I retired back to the safety of the forest. You are not cutting the woods. You are not evicting the animals. You are doomed to fail.
Fuck capitalism. Fuck speciesism.
A lone owl."


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