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French Duck Seeks Foie Gras "Asylum" in California

Paris -- Anti-foie gras activists paraded a cartoon duck outside the US embassy in Paris on Thursday in a spoof bid to claim asylum for the bird in the wake of California's ban on the controversial delicacy.

The L214 animal rights group staged the stunt to voice support for the ban on selling or producing foie gras -- fatty liver made by force-feeding ducks or geese with grain -- which came into force on July 1 after years of wrangling.

"We want to say bravo to California, shame on France, and thank you for all the ducks that have been spared," said Johanne Mielcarek, spokeswoman for the half-dozen activists present, one sporting a giant duck costume.

"Ducks are now protected in California, so our poor French duck has come to ask for symbolic asylum," Mielcarek said.

full story: ALeqM5hjgG2jgi6Sa5b7sA9eiTaZ8NJ_lA?docId=CNG.aa32dcd4159bdbe202be042888a766ee.661

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