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From: Nicolas BISCAYE - Président de l'AFIPA
January 21, 2006

French Government Bans Cat's and Dog's Fur
French Artists are Satisfied

At the request of the French and International Association for the Protection of Animals (AFIPA), Dominique BUSSEREAU and Thierry BRETON have accepted to take an interministerial decree to ban the importation and the marketing of cat's and dog's fur on the French territory.

'The AFIPA, with the help of many artists, has launched since a few months a campaign directed at the government, encouraging it it to ban cat's and dog's fur. We have to congratulate the ministers ' says Nicolas BISCAYE, President of the AFIPA.

'This is an encouraging first step for future actions and for the protection of animals. But the government has to go further and has to take more measures on this matter.

In addition to the AFIPA, several artists are also congratulating the government: Laurence BOCCOLINI, Françoise FABIAN, Jean-Pierre FOUCAULT, Jeane MANSON, MICHAL and Corinne TOUZET, who emphazise that the French ministers have shown interest and took the right measures concerning cat's and dog's fur.

However, French artists are asking for 'a banning of cat's and dog's fur on an European level and a French labelling for fur (i.e mentioning of the commercial name, the scientific name, the way the animals are slaughtered and the country they come from.)'

In fact, decree 91-1163 doesn't make it an obligation for French furriers to mention those informations on the clothes they sell and according to the co-signatoring artists, 'it is very often not respected'.

On this matter, French artists ask for the AFIPA officials to be received by government's leaders as soon as possible.

The AFIPA officials think 'it is the beginning of the end for the fur market'. But as French artists conclude, 'so much remains to do'!

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