February 21, 2009 -- Fur Store Covered in Red Paint

anonymous report:

"During the night of the 14th February in the center of Tallinn, Estonia, the Fur boutique was completely covered by red paint and the lock of the main entrance was glued."

August 7 ,2008 -- Fur Shops Painted, Locks Glued

reported by activists in Estonia:

"July report:
4. fur shops and one fur studio were attacked, slogans were painted and locks glued.
One shop and one studio were closed. Maybe because of the ALF or they just do not have market."

November 22, 2007 -- Fox Farm Sabotaged

Activists in Estonia have reported that 70 foxes were colored with non-toxic paint at the Audru Fur Farm in P?nu county, one of the biggest fur farms in Europe.

September 16, 2007 -- Locks Glued, Slogans Painted on Fur Shops

action report from Estonia:

"14 September - Locks were glued and slogans were painted on 2 fur shops in Tallinn."

April 9, 2007 - Hunt Shop Attacked

anonymous report:

"On the 8th of April, the ALF visited a local hunting supplies shop.
Windows were smashed and painted dumped on the door.

We have only just begun and will not stop until every cage is empty!
Keep fighting!

-Animal Liberation Front Estonia"

Reported to Bite Back in March 2007

update from Estonia:

"ALF has started some actions in Estonia

In January lock of the fur shop was glued in Tallinn. Today this shop is closed. Reason unknown.

In February locks of two fur shops was glued and one of them has ALF painted on the wall. This shop belongs to Finnish Fur designer Tarja Niskanen who lives part time in Estonia because she feels unsecure in Finland under the pressure of AR activists there. Tarja you could run but you cant hide.

In March five rabbits were liberated and cages broken from farm in western Estonia.

In March fur designers studio lock was glued and slogans ALF, Fur is Dead was painted on the wall."


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