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November 25, 2017 - OPEN RESCUE AT RABBIT FARM

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"Open rescue XXXVII (November 2017) & Support Walter Bond
A rabbit mom gives birth eight times every year. She does not want to but she has to. Each time there will be 7-10 little rabbits. After 78-82 days they are declared mature enough for the slaughter and they will be killed.

We took one mom and her ten kids from such a place. We drove them to the safety. To people who won't kill them.

Thanks to those who offered their homes.

At the farms of the Czech Republic there are approx. 5.414.000 rabbits (estimation from October 2015). They are killed for their meat and fur. Almost 303k of them were brought from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary to be killed or to be used as 'a breeding material'. (Further info: 2015 Situation and prospective report, Ministry of Agriculture).

Support Walter Bond

In 2011 Walter Bond was sentenced to 12 years of prison for arson attacks on a leather products shop, a restaurant selling foie gras and a factory processing sheep skin.

Since November 15th 2017 he is on a hunger strike because he does not receive vegan meal in the prison, his mail is being unreasonably delayed and they are refusing to transfer him to another facility."

November 18, 2017 -  OPEN RESCUE OF 25 HENS

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"Open rescue XXXVI (November 2017) & In the memory of Britches + 467

We rescued 25 hens. They will not die in the cage nor in the slaughterhouse. We took them to the transfer place and from there to their new homes.

Now they can spread their wings and run. They have sun instead of the artificial lightning. Fresh air instead of fans. The weaker ones can run away from the stronger ones.

In the memory of Britches + 467

In april 1985 sixteen ALF activist broke into University of California in Riverside and saved 468 animals.

One of them was a five-weeks old baby monkey named Britches who was a subject of tree-year study of senzoric deprivation with another 24 monkeys. Shortly after the birth he was taken away from his mom, his eyes were stitched together and they strapped an electronic sonar device to his head.

The story of Britches + 467 started as a tragedy but thanks to humans who smashed the door and opened their cages, and thanks to the Riverside student who was helping them, it didn't end as one. Remember them with us."

November 1, 2017 - OPEN RESCUE OF 24 HENS

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"Open rescue XXXV (October 2017) & Support Lucy a Ethel
Rain and mud. I dropped Lukas and our anonymous friend close to poultry farm and I drove on to park at suitable place which was about three kilometers from there. After that I went to them.

The anonymous friend stayed out as a guard and we went for the hens. What could I write? Over and over, still the same.

We took 24 hens tonight. Lukas held the bags and I put them in.
 Later in the car we put them into special box and we will take them to new homes.

Support Lucy a Ethel

Support for Lucy and Ethel, two piglets who have been rescued from one farm in Utah U.S. by activists' group called DxE. Morons from FBI decided to find and take them back to hell because they think they should be there.

They are raiding shelters, annoying animals and they cut ears off piglets which they can find so they could analyse their DNA to find out if it's not Lucy or Ethel.

You should read their story:"

October 19, 2017 - OPEN RESCUE OF 17 CHICKENS

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"We were here three weeks ago. The shed we got in the last time was empty. We weren‘t able to enter the next one. At first there were problems with the opening, then we retreated because of a guards visitor and then again when he went for his rounds. We are back today but there is only few of us.

We cannot afford to have lookouts around the grounds and we have to be fast. We have got one person on the ground near the guard station and we hope that everything goes right.

Few minutes at the door and it‘s opened. I am going to find out if there are hens inside. Faul smell, loud clucking, they are here. I call Lukas.

Few pictures as a proof and we are out. We take seventeen of them with us. Into the better times and sweeter-scented world."

August 7, 2017 - BABY CHICKEN SAVED

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"Open rescue XXXIII (July 2017)
My friend told me that she lives in a flat with a huge terrace and that she could give a home to a duck or a chicken as her flatmate. So we went out for one chick.

As many times before I was standing in a long hall full of tiny birds. They should be with their moms, they are deep in shit instead. They scream, squeeze to one another, they find it difficult to breathe and to move. For some they are kids, for some just chicken meat.

I bend down for one chick. He is small, just enough to fit into the palm. We go home.

It is a new start for the chick. No slaughterhouse in it. Just a girl he can hug instead of his mom and with which he can share a pillow."

July 28, 2017 - OPEN RESCUE OF HENS

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"Open rescue XXXII (July 2017) & Support Fermare Green Hill
It was a clear night. We slowly waded through the wet grass to the grounds. In twenty halls there were tens of thousands of imprisoned birds.

The patrols were on their spots, the connection was on and we waited for the time when the guard makes his rounds.

Getting into the first hall was quick, but it was empty. We didn't manage to get into the second one. We continued to the third one. In few minutes the lock gave in. Inside we found bird-ladies that were not yet tattered or broken. They could have live in this misery for two or three weeks.

We take eight of them and go home.

Support Fermare Green Hill

October 30th is the first court date for five people who occupied pharma lab of University in Milan for more than 10 hours in april 2013."

May 11, 2017 - OPEN RESCUE OF HENS

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"During Easter we went for a couple of plucked hens. One anonymous girlfriend layed down in the grass nearby gatehouse of the poultry house and patrolled the guard. I went with Lukas to the grounds. There was several dead hens in front of one hall. Lukas stayed outside the hall and I went in. There was only silence and vacuity. All hens were taken to the slaughterhouse because of holidays. We were late by two or three days.
Over the years, I know how such a picking up is going on. Transports and brigaders will come and hens are picked up into crates. They break their wings and legs, but nothing, they're just chickens, and they're still going under the leash.
I walked through the aisle between the cages and observed them. Some of them will stay. Just without water and feeding.
I found them. They were crowded at each other in the corner of one cage. They survived the hard picking up to the slaughterhouse, they were sentenced to death in the hall without water and feeding, and now they will survive this.
When I pulled them out, they screamed in horror-struck. I was reassuring them that it would be good for them, just hold out.
We are going home."

October 17, 2016 - OPEN RESCUE OF 6 HENS

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"It's raining, we are cold and tired. We can't contact one of the patrols. There is only a noise heard from the radio transmitter. We have lost nearly half an hour by solving this situation.

Once everything's all right and all patrols are contacted, me and Lukáš Krása climb the fence and go to one of the halls. We go fast, but calmly.

We were in this hall few months ago. There are same chickens as last time. Fewer of them, but more screaming and having less feather.

We can take only six with. We have no more space. Few photos. No smile.

We turn back home.

Support Lukáš Borl

I met Borlik around 15 years ago (please consider me as a person, who doesn't have sense of time). He did a festival in Most, where I had a reading and showed some investigation movies.

Later he invited me several times and I accepted sometimes.

When I started with open rescues, he told me he is going to buy oranges, which he will bring me in the prison. Meanwhile I still sadly walk here, Borlik is in prison and police make a terrorist of him.

Let the power and luck be with you, Borlik.

Lukáš Borl 1.3.1982
Vazební věznice Litoměřice
Veitova 1
412 81 Litoměřice"

September 23, 2016 - 5 HENS RESCUED

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):
"My name is Lukáš Krása and I decided to switch to direct actions (rescue). In following text, I will briefly describe my reasons and direct rescue process.
When we reach the place, we deploy as planned and wait for connection. Once the patrols notify themselves, we set off. We are sticking to the ground until we are inside.
My first thought upon entering the hall (concentration camp) mostly sounds like: 'The fucking hall has no end!!!'
I want to pass around all of them, do caress, have a chat. Impossible, there is no time to undergo 'unnecessary' delay and risk. We have a new home for 5 hens today, so we fill the bags, take few pictures and disappear.
I'm not at home yet, but already watching for a new home for animals, so I can go back to the hall. Everything else is secondary.
Recently I read a citation: 'Once you discover all the evil committed on animals by mankind, your life can't be the same forever.'
My life has definitely changed and I decided immediately.
The action is over. Chicks are enjoying new home, their second chance from stolen (now returned) life.

Doing open rescues is purely my personal decision to relieve myself in this dirty 'lifecycle'. It was enough time for thinking and opportunities to see everything from both sides (anonymously x publicly) during several actions with Michal. So it is not any hasty decision. I don't see any entertainment, nothing which would fill myself.
It bothers me how animals are used for human consumption in all forms. So if there is something I can do with this, I try as much as possible. I'd be lying if I said I don't have a good feeling of rescue, but it's only partially and temporarily. I don't forget the others, who can't get helping hand. They are majority and better tomorrows are not in sight, I´m not lying myself.
It is needed, but challenging to invest most of energy, time and money. There is no point to make things harder by concealing. Fuck it.
There is nothing wrong doing it. I just do what I consider as correct, in line with my idea and desire for animal liberation.
Action is needed. Words mean nothing.
Share, support, do action.
Thank you!"


report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XXVIII (July 2016) & Support Osman Evcan
A cold night, rain and thundering far away. Totally wet sitting nearby the enclosure and waiting until the patrol comes.
It's safe. We can go.

We know this place, so the rescue is done quickly.

We have took four chickens and going away. Four chickens whose world was changed in a few minutes.

Few words from the anonymous team member
For the first time in my life I can see how the animals live in the factory farms.

There is a very strictly scheduled mode. Light clock timer determining night and day, right now imitating night by darkness. I am shining with the flash-lamp over the hall where hundreds of chickens survive - sentenced to death alive. There's no time to think about daily cruelty and torture. It's time to take action.

From today, rescue is an indisseverable part of my life.

Support Osman Ecvan

Osman Ecvan born in 1959. From 1980 to 1989 he was jailed for 9 years for the first time. In 1992 he was sentenced to 30 years in prison with accusation of the leftist terrorist group membership and robbery. In 2003 he accepted anarchistic ideas and he became a vegan.

As unacceptable and recalcitrant prisoner is being moved to various Turkish prisons.

In 2011 he commenced a hunger strike of 42 days to get the vegan alimentation what finally happened. Every year he starts hunger strike as a protest against Eid al-Adha, the muslim Festival of Sacrifice.

In December 2015 he commenced a new unlimited hunger strike because the prison management confiscated his vegan food packages and refused to forward them. After 45 days they fell back and Osman finished his hunger strike."


reported anonymously (translation):
"Malá Strana 16, Chotěšice.
Municipal office Chotěšice, Chotěšice 29. 28901 Dymokury.
Milíčovice 22, Znojmo.
Municipal office Milíčovice, Milíčovice 40, 66902.
Karlovarská 220, 36301, Ostrov.
Municipal office Ostrov, Jáchymovská 1

On early morning July 4th 2016 we reported placing of an explosive at these addresses. There is no explosive at these places though! We will sum up our reasons for our alarming behaviour.

We chose private addresses because there are puppy/kitten mills. everyone can find info about what is puppy mill, what it looks like and all the other info on the internet by themselves, there is plenty of it, we are not gonna waste time with it anymore. Municipals were chosen because they are willing to tolerate these concentration camps in their cities, and thus are accomplices. There were more reasons for our reports: To attract attention to this issue. To directly point at monsters that operate these puppy mills. To disrupt common life of these breeders and to disrupt functioning of these offices. We know that some of the municipal representatives spoke against breeders' practices but that is all they did. They don't care anymore. If you're going to continue tolerating this activity we will bother the whole town or village, where the puppy mill is, as hard as we can. Unless citizens of these areas will not give a clear signal that they will not just stand by and watch, unless they will not meet their moral obligation and will not make breeders' lives so miserable that they would terminate their business, we will consider the whole area around them as our target. If they continue to exploit innocent non-human animals, the breeders will not get rid of us. That applies to everyone. This was just a start. Enough with begging the veterinary administration, government and other offices that are actually protecting all of the exploitation of animals. This so-called state, or courts like to argue that it is not possible for citizens to take matters into their own hands because we have laws, police and all kinds of officials. But that's a lie, there is no law here, there is no law protecting animals. If you call law things that allow for torture, use and killing of animals then those are not laws for protecting animals, that's a mockery for animals and state, that would love to be a preacher, is completely failing. That's why we have right to take matters into our own hands and do what is needed. As obedient citizens we already used up all of your methods and we are still a laughing stock. We know already that we will not accomplish anything by persuasion and begging. We don't give a shit about criminal consequences.

romana hrabáková from Chotěšice, marcela korešová from Ostrova by KV, stanislav šebela from Milíčovice and all other monsters, end this immediately!

Signed 'Girls' Brigade inspired by Animal Liberation Front'


anonymous report, from Jsem pro zákaz norování:

"Two months ago we reported about foxes that were kept in Agriculture collective Hněvotín. They were held in unacceptable conditions as tools for training of hounds in nearby artificial burrow.

The foxes are at this moment at large, they were released. Though not by their 'owner'. The deed is being investigated by czech police."

Until every cage is empty!"

June 29, 2016 - 8 HENS RESCUED

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Part of our rescue team got out of the car near the location. With bags and tools they disappear into dark.

I'm driving with a friend to park the car maybe 3 km away. Later on we slowly go back to the place where the rest of us is waiting. Two people on the night walk, hand in hand like a couple - less noticable then a group of four or five.

Watchmen go to their locations. When they give us go, we jump over the fence.

We see a few death hens on the concerete in front of the hall. We continue and go inside.

Hens' cry, smell, dust, sticky atmosphere and feathers. Crippled lives. Humanity in praxis.

Few pictures and we go. With 8 hens.


From my point of view it seems cops 'raped the mythical bird Phoenix', planned a terror attack, imputed others and they are even expecting a praise of it.

Martin Ignačák is being held in prison for 13 months. He started his hunger strike on May 27th. Two days later Martin's sister Pavla joined him in the hunger strike protest.

Let's wish to Martin, his sister, the others blamed and their next-of-kin a lot of energy and good luck.

(Michal Kolesár)

Few words from our anonym team member

By every next intrusion to the animals I have on my mind that I am on the right way. I don't regret anything.

Today everything's going smoothly and the most significant things because of which we are here are succesfully done. Saving couple of innocent lives.

Herewith I wish to express my big support to Martin I. who commenced a hunger strike. It is admirable he holds the veganism idea defense and keeps his mind clear."


report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XXVI (March 2016) & Support Keith Mann

Few halls, gatehouse and old �koda in front of it. Few halls and 180 000 pullets inside. So many crippled lives.

The night is dark and chilly. Sentry gives us a go. We follow the fence. Slowly, quietly.

Once inside amidst cages, we light up our headlamps and prepare our bags. I open cages and pull out some of those little girls.

We are out in few minutes. Thirteen chicks with us.


Support Keith Mann.

Few days ago, my friends told me about your illness. I just want to wish you lots of strength and lots of love. There is a piece of you in each of my rescues."

January 24, 2016 - OPEN RESCUE OF FOUR DUCKS

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XXV. (January 2016)

One chilly night we climbed over a wall of one of many concentration camps. It consists of a slaughterhouse and several sheds with animals. Few steps, little bit of time at the door and we are in one of those sheds. Stench, dirty birds with clipped wings, living among dead and dead among living. Grief, anger and despair. We take four of them with us, the rest stays behind. Four of them are safe, they will run on grass, enjoy fresh air and no one is going to cut their throats.

We saved four of them, the rest stays behind."


anonymous report:

"Alf action for the financial damage in Velk� Ratm�rov city mink farm. 7th
August in night, we splashed around two hundred minks by nontoxic spray. No
more, because security or owners disturbed us. (Next time you will atacked,
bastards!) Minks are still waiting for death, unfortunately. This action we
devote all jailed animals and liberators and especially for jailed Czech
anarchists from sick police action called 'operation Fenix'. Long sentences
for us will entail more harder actions contra to you!!!! War continue.

by : New division Justice Department."


anonymous report:

"8 hens liberated from an intensive farm / hell by human scum / in Czech
Republic. All hens have new homes and they can live out the rest of their
lives free from fear and suffering. ALF Czech. Fight real, no social
networks !!!"


anonymous report:

"Hey, in Czech Republic were destroyed few tree stand.



anonymous report:

"We visited two fur farms in the last two weeks. At first were released approximately 50 minks from cages on the farm in Doln� Cerekev (farm is currently almost empty). During the second visit were damaged two cars and tractor, also with using pyrotechnic mixture - thermite. On the other farm in Velk� Ratm�rov were damaged truck, excavator and next things for managing the farm.

ARM, 20.6.2014"


anonymous report (above: ducks at the time of their rescue; below: the ducks today):

"3 ducklings have been liberated in Czech. They have a new home now, where they can live on a fresh air. Instead of slaughter they can live naturally according to their needs. We could place just 3, so the rest of the imprisoned animals stay in our minds. Go vegAn*"

February 5, 2014 - EIGHT CHICKENS SAVED

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XXIV. (January 2014)

We saved 8 battery hens lives. They are not going to die in a cage, neither in a slaughterhouse. We took them away to the temporary place and afterwards we brought them to their new home.

Now they can stretch their wings and can run. Instead of artificial lighting they can see the real sun. Fresh air instead of ventilators. Weakers can get away from strongers.

Thank you to all who participated in the rescue and to everybody who donated some money to this efforts."

November 21, 2013 - 300 MINK GIVEN A CHANCE AT LIFE

received anonymously:

"On 21st November 2013 group of ALF-Bohemia got inside to areal of mink farm
near Jihlava city and liberated about 300 minks from farm and gave them
chance for true live. Action was successful ower good security system. Near
exit we left sign 'Stop it or die-ALF!!!' Fight for animals rights will



received anonymously (click here for additional photos):

"17 chickens have been liberated in Czech Republic. They were freed from a factory farm shortly before they would be killed and cut into pieces. They have a new home, where they can live until they die naturally. Because they are so strong genetically degenerated, some of them died shortly after they were freed... at least they could breath a bit of fresh air, hide themselfs from the others and run in the grass.

Big support to all vegan prisoners and all activists, who don't make compromises."


received anonymously:

"Czech Republic � We visited a farm breeding fallow deer and destroyed a fence at night to liberate the animals.

Fight against injustice. Fight for life. Fight for animal liberation."


received anonymously:

"Czech Republic � We visited a farm breeding roe deer and destroyed a fence at night to liberate the animals.

Fight against injustice. Fight for life. Fight for animal liberation."


anonymous report:

"Czech republic � We destroyed 4 stands.

Be the change for animals. Take action now!
Fight for animals with your whole heart. Until the last breath."


anonymous report:

"Czech republic � we destroyed a shop window of butchery.

No compromise with butchers and animal exploitation. Fight speciesism. GO VEGAN!"

October 28, 2012 - 12 HENS RESCUED

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XXIII (October 2012)

12 hens were rescued from unneccessary suffering and violent killing. They were transported to a new, safe home where they will live in the grass, sun and fresh air. They will be able to spread their wings and run, and the weaker ones will have the possibility to escape the stronger ones. Send it further.

Thank you to all who participated in the rescue and to everybody who donated some money to this effort."

March 20, 2012 - FUR SHOP PAINTED



anonymous report:

"Czech Republic
A fur shop was sprayed. You can take action too. There are many options how you can fight. Just find your way and act.
Fight against injustice. Fight for life. Fight for animal liberation."


received anonymously:

"From Czech Republic:

On the Christmas eve, almost all people feel happy. But what about the farm animals?

We gave them a gift. We fed a whole building of pregnant sows.

This is our Christmas message for all:
Be kind to animals. Not only during Christmas, but also during the whole year.

Stop eating them and stop any other exploitation of them.

Fight for animals with your whole heart. Until last breath."

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