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December 14, 2008 -- Hunting Towers Toppled

received anonymously (click here for additional photos):

"Hunting is murder
On November 18th five big hunting towers in czech were sawed, smashed and signed with slogans

'for the animals'
Animal rights activists czech"

"Lovy jsou vra�da
Dne 18.11. bylo pět velk�ch loveck�ch vě�� podřez�no, zničeno a pops�no slogany LOVY


December 12, 2008 -- Five Hens Rescued

anonymous report (click here for additional photos):

"Five young hens were liberated from battery cages
The five lives were rescued the day of the 6th of November and given a new home full of sun and fresh air. They can spend the rest of their lives in this better, beautiful home and be free. This action is dedicated to czech activist and open rescuer Michal Kolesar. 
'for the animals'
'Animal liberation activists' czech"

"Z�chrana 5 �ivotů
Dne 6. Listopadu bylo zachr�něno 5 �ivotů a byl jim poskytnut nov� domov na slunci a čerstv�m vzduchu kde budou moci přirozeně do��t svůj �ivot. Tato akce je věnov�na jako podpora Michalovi Koles�rovi."

September 2, 2008 -- Hunting Towers Sawed

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received anonymously:

"On August 21st three big hunting towers in czech were sawed, smashed and signed with slogans

Animal '' Activists CZ"


July 31, 2008 -- Five Lives Liberated From Battery Cages

reported anonymously:
"Five lives were rescued the day of 25 July and were given a new home full of sun and fresh air. They can spend the rest of their lives in this better, new, beautiful home and be free.
This action and rescue are in solidarity with the Austrian imprisoned activists.
A.nimal R.ights A.ctivists"

"Dne 25. Cervence bylo zachráneno 5 životu a byl jim poskytnut nový domov na slunci a cerstvém vzduchu kde budou moci prirozene dožít svuj život. Akce a záchrana je také výrazem solidarity s veznenými rakouskými aktivisty.
Život je jedinecný a každá záchrana z místa trápení a bolesti má cenu života!!
A.nimal R.ights A.ctivists"

March 31, 2008 -- Four Lives Saved

reported by activists in the Czech Republic:

"On March 21, four chickens were rescued, given new homes with fresh air where they can watch the sun everyday and live their lives until a natural end. Animal rights activists Czech"


February 21, 2008 -- Six Foxes Saved in Open Rescue

reported by (click here for additional photographs):

"Six foxes were rescued in November 2007. They were brought into the forests in different parts of the Czech Republic and let free."



November 8 , 2007 -- Hunting Towers Sawed

anonymous report:
"On October 26th three big hunting towers in northern czech were destroyed and signed with slogans - HUNTING = MURDER! A.L.F."

November 7, 2007 -- New Homes for Chickens

anonymous report:
"On October 12th, five lives were liberated from a place of suffering and pain and given a new beautiful home. New home with fresh air, with the possibility to watch the sun everyday, to run freely on a green meadow and to live their lives until a natural end. A.L.F."

October 9, 2007 -- Six foxes freed

reported by local activists:

"in mähren in the czech republic at the austrian border, last weekend foxes were liberated from an ex fur farm. the farmer now uses the foxes to train his fox digging and hunting dogs on them. activists took the foxes together with their cages, when suddenly the owner appeared in the night and called the police, but stayed in the background. activists did not, however, lose their cool and took the foxes straight in front of the owner, although only those 6 they had already. 1 fox escaped near the farm in the chaos, the other 5 foxes were set free more than 100 km away from the farm. each fox was let out into the wild separately."

October 2, 2007 Hunting Stands Toppled

anonymous message (click here to view photos):

"On August 31, three big deer-stands were destroyed in the middle of the Czech Republic. They served to cause suffering to defenceless beings for the idiotic purpose of fun and profit. Next, on September 3, two locks of shops profiting from animal suffering were glued up - one of the "death factory" slaughterhouse Ceský Brod and the other of the shop with the perverse name "Cruel world." Slogans such as "meat is murder", "stop the suffering and killing" and "ALF" were sprayed on the walls. No action is symbolic or little. Every action leads in its own dimension to animal liberation and abolition of suffering. We are going to continue in our actions.

Go vegan
Animal Liberation Front"

September 12, 2007 -- 16 Hens Freed in Open Rescue

reported by activists in the Czech Republic:

"Open rescue (Czech republic)

In July 2007 there were 16 hens freed from battery cages and put in new, save homes."

Click here for video and more photos.

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July 29, 2007 -- Vehicles Sabotaged at Fur Farm, Piggery

anonymous report:

"Last week ALF glued 7 shops in south czech republic, 10 shooting towers were destroyed, sabotaged 1 vehicle at a mink farm in south czech and 1 vehicle at a piggery in central czech republic.

- Glued 7 shops: In two cities locks were glued at shops like fur shops, shops for fishermen and shops selling meat.

- 10 shooting towers: In Vysocina near Morava 10 shooting towers were destroyed.

- 1 vehicle at mink farm: In south czech republic ALF entered a mink farm where a few thousand animals are imprisoned. ALF added to one vehicle's tank a big quantity of sand. The owner uses this vehicle for supplies of feedstuff. Repairing this vehicle will cost him lots of money.

- 1 vehicle at piggery: Big quantity of sugar was added into one tractor in central czech. In the piggery around 50,000-80,000 pigs are imprisoned.

ALF will continue these actions and promises to everyone who benefits from the suffering of animals a visit in the near future!"

June 9, 2007 -- Fur Ads Torn Down

anonymous communique:

We will continue to tear down your flyers in the city of Prague. You are wasting money on them and your business too. It's obvious that people like you could choose to profit without blood on their hands and we want you to do the same. Until all animals are free from the concentration camps, we will fight those who make money from them and their tormented and skinned bodies.

The Animal Liberation Front.
Say no to violence, say yes to compassion."

May 23, 2007 - Open Rescue - 19 Hens Saved

reported by activists in the Czech Republic.

"Open rescue (May 2007):

19 hens rescued from battery cages in CR. The hens were transported to 2 safe homes."

   article and photos: Hen Rescuer

May 16, 2007 Meat Shop Windows Broken, Locks Glued

received anonymously:

"From saturday, May the 13th to sunday the 14th, meat shop was damaged by animal rights activists. We spraypainted message 'MEAT IS MURDER!' and signed A.L.F., glued locks and shop windows were broken. Shop was closed for two days after action.

animal liberation front"


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