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China Strengthens Regulations for Humane Treatment of Animals Farmed for Fur

Revised 10/31/06.

In June 2005, the Chinese State Forestry Administration approved a regulation governing the management of breeding, keeping and housing animals farmed for fur.

The purpose of the new regulation is to standardize the requirements for breeding fur farmed animals, covering such areas as environmental protection and animal welfare. The regulation strengthens existing Chinese laws and regulations including the People's Republic of China Law for Wildlife Protection and the People's Republic of China Regulation for the Implementation of Terrestrial Wildlife Protection.

The new regulation set standards for technical management, farm construction, feed management, sanitation, health and disease prevention, fur processing, protection of the environment and animal welfare.

Guidelines set for farm operational areas include creating supporting facilities that take into consideration the animals' species-specific needs and biological characteristics, as well as requirements relating to animal husbandry, skinning and pelt processing.

The regulation stresses that good animal husbandry involves creating favorable environments for the animals so that they may grow, breed and produce fur in accordance with their different nutritional needs during their natural life cycles. For example, farms are instructed to provide feed that is freshly formulated, nutritious, balanced and hygienic and to establish orderly and regular feeding methods. Farmers are also advised to keep transportation of animals to a minimum and to ensure that transportation crates satisfy the basic living conditions of the animals.

Specific guidelines are outlined for sanitation and the prevention of disease including inoculations against distemper, viral enteritis and encephalitis. Veterinary clinics must be adequate to meet the requirements of the farm's animal population.

Standards also cover safe, humane and environmentally friendly slaughter and pelt processing. The regulation forbids slaughter of any animals by non-approved methods.

The new regulation will be phased in over a two-year timeframe to enable fur farms to bring management practices relating to the many aspects of breeding, keeping and housing animals farmed for fur in line with enhanced standards.

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