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Foie Gras Operations Suspension
update May 8, 2012 eirfoiegrasoperationpendingafullreviewofissuesconcerninganimalwelfare

Creek Project Investments PLC's Directors announced today a suspension of current operations in their Foie Gras operation, pending a full review of issues concerning animal welfare

3 April, 2012, London, UK

The Directors of Creek Project Investments PLC, responding to concerns from the public about the development of an extensive Foie Gras operation in Mainland China, today announced a suspension of the present 'Foie Gras' operations, until the completion of a full review.

The Directors have called for the review to include input from animal welfare and environmental experts to address any issues which may or may not exist.

The results of the review will be published on the Company's web site when completed, which is expected to be within the next two months.


Creek Project Investments PLC is an investment company. It currently aims to invest in and contract with many other suitable companies in Asia by principally taking equity stakes.

Creek Project Investments PLC's initial investment is in Creekproject Inc., operators of a Foie Gras business in mainland China.

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