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China Poised to Accept Non-Animal Test Method for Cosmetics

China poised to accept non-animal test method for cosmetics


China poised to accept its first ever non-animal test method for cosmetics by late summer

"China may be quicker than the West to accept non-animal testing alternative," says industry expert

With China poised to accept its first ever non-animal test method for cosmetics by late summer, Dr. Brian Jones of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) says don�t be surprised by how quickly the autorities accept and implement more.

Recognizing the urgent need to drive regulatory change in those countries that still require animal testing for cosmetic and personal care products, the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc (IIVS) is expanding its international outreach program. The expanded program will be designed to demonstrate to regulators and industry in these countries how alternative testing strategies for cosmetic products can be integrated into a regulatory acceptance program.

�Generous support from industry and animal protection organizations now enables us to expand our international programs so we can have an impact in countries such as China, Brazil and Russia,� said Dr. Rodger Curren, President of IIVS. He went on to announce that the International Outreach Program will be headed by Dr. Brian Jones who has recently joined IIVS as Director, Education and Outreach.

�We are delighted that Dr. Brian Jones has joined our team and accepted the challenge of leading this program,� said Dr. Curren. �Brian�s recent work with the Chinese sFDA on alternative testing programs and his knowledge from an industry perspective provide the experience we need to develop effective programs of education and skills training for these geographies.�

Dr. Jones began his career in in vitro sciences in 1984 working with Professor Paul Kitos at the University of Kansas. He moved into the industry and continued to work on development of non-animal methods at Mary Kay Inc. Brian�s responsibilities included the assessment of toxicity and sensitization potential of cosmetic ingredients and formulations. Brian left Mary Kay to work for Cosmair, known today as L�Oreal USA, as Manager of Toxicology and Clinical Research, including an emphasis in utilizing alternative testing parameters for US-based products. Following Cosmair, Brian joined Avon Products in 1998 and was responsible for re-establishing Avon�s presence in Alternatives. Brian developed the Cell Biology and In Vitro Laboratory which focuses on use of non-animal methods to assess the safety and efficacy of cosmetic ingredients and products. During that time, Brian worked with IIVS to assist Avon in being the first company to have an insect repellent accepted by the EPA without new animal data being generated.

In 2005, Brian returned to Mary Kay with a primary focus on developing Mary Kay�s efficacy and safety testing using non-animal methods. He traveled to China frequently to work with various Chinese agencies in the area of Alternatives. These efforts included the first conference with AQSIQ (China import/export), presentations to Chinese dermatology associations regarding Alternatives for assessment of cosmetic safety, and initial discussions with the Chinese sFDA regarding acceptance of Alternatives. Brian, Mary Kay, and IIVS hosted a workshop in January 2009 with technical scientists from China CDCs and AQSIQs in the area of Alternatives. Brian continued to establish strong contacts in the research, government, and dermatology arenas in China to promote non-animal test methods.

About IIVS

IIVS is a non-profit organization operating as a center of excellence for in vitro (non-animal) methods used for product safety testing purposes. IIVS�s knowledge of the science and application of alternatives to animal experiments is recognized by regulatory agencies worldwide. It provides education and training for chemical and personal care product companies internationally, enabling them to successfully apply non-animal methods within their product testing programs. IIVS also performs testing services in their own quality controlled laboratories providing access to their expert scientific team on a contract basis.

Founded in 1997, IIVS is recognized as a leading provider of in vitro testing in support of toxicological safety evaluations. Rigorous scientific programs coupled with educational and outreach initiatives have established IIVS as a global leader in the advancement of alternatives to animal testing.
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