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Chinese animal rights campaigners close down restaurant

Just one generation ago, the term 'Animal Rights' was virtually unheard of anywhere in the world. However, thirty years later, the compassionate message implicit in the philosophy behind the modern animal rights movement appears to be spreading across the globe. China seems to be the latest country where the animal rights message is being heard. Banner-wielding animal rights protesters swarmed into a restaurant serving cat meat in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen and forced it to shut, Xinhua news agency has reported.

Xinhua reports that 40 or so, mainly female protestors holding banners reading "cats and dogs are friends of human beings", entered the Fangji Cat Meatball restaurant and demanded the owner free any live cats on the premises.

No animals were found in the building, as the owner had already moved them out, it said. But some burst into tears upon finding a skinned cat in a fridge.

A local beauty queen, Miss Shenzhen 2005, also took part, calling on people to "stop eating cats and dogs and become civilised", Xinhua said.

"I cannot go on with my business, and I will not sell cat meat any more," the restaurant owner was quoted as saying, though he defended his trade by saying eating cat in Guangdong province was a tradition.

It would appear that the compassionate message of the rights of animals is spreading worldwide and will soon become a truly global movement despite the best attempts by the pro animal abusers to stem the tide of compassion. Even dog fights in Afghanistan are increasingly being targeted by animal rights campaigners.

On the 5th April we reported that The Somali Animal Rights Community (Somarco) prevented the killing of hundreds of dogs in the lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia after they met with officials. The local authority had intended to kill the dogs by poisoning them.

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