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Anti-Fur Concert and Rally

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On Sept 27th, 2008 in Beijing, a young Chinese man and many of his musician friends stood on a stage in a club full of people young and old, asked them to remember the foxes and other fur animals who were there in spirit. He asked them to pledge to be their friends and speak out for them.

With your help, 100 of those people signed a huge poster pledging not to wear fur and left the club with "Don't Lose Hope, My Little Fox" T-Shirts, which can in turn potentially reach thousands of other people.

The money we raised was absolutely crucial for printing the t-shirts with the "Don't Lose Hope, My Little Fox" logo!

I hope that more people, like you, will provide real support to Chinese people who are PRO-FOX and pro-mink and pro-Raccoon Dog.

I'm posting more information about the concert at and we all have a feeling this will be the first of more concerts like this.

I'm really new at this fundraising stuff, but want to make sure everything is transparent and open. So, here is the official accounting of how much money was given to whom: Together, seven of us raised a total of 530 US Dollars. (the last donation, from me, was not done thru the chipin site, so it's not showing there). That's 3600 RMB (with an exchange rate of 6.8 to 1 USD).

3600 RMB was wired from me to Xie Zheng's bank account, from which he paid for the tshirts in cash. If you have ANY questions about how money was spent, I can send receipts.

THANK YOU! On behalf of Xie Zheng and Don't Eat Friends and millions of nameless friends who need our help,

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