January 2008: I am very happy to announce the launch of "Jill's Blog". For some time we have been encouraging Jill to find the time to jot down the inside story on the successes and disappointments that she and the Animals Asia team live and breathe on a daily basis, as we strive to bring about the better world for animals in Asia that we all long for.

You can find her blog at:


Warmest wishes,
Annie Mather
Executive Director, Head of Media
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Hong Kong

December 2006

A Cub Comes Home for Christmas!

What a year this has been - the challenge of more caged and terrified farmed bears arriving at our Sanctuary in China in autumn, and our new Bear Sanctuary in Hanoi just starting construction this month.

The horrors of the dog slaughters in China and the spark of hope that, because of the voice of concerned animal lovers in China and across the world, President Hu Jintao has called for an end to the culls once and for all.

The grief and frustration of seeing two of our recently rescued bears losing their fight to live, and the joy of seeing those that are gradually recovering taking their first unsteady steps into their new dens and a new life far removed from the torture they suffered before.

By far one of the most heartwarming stories of the year was recently welcoming a new life, a little cub, into our care. Baby Naji (once known as "Hei Mao") is "home" and being thoroughly spoiled by a loving team who are putty in his paws.

Read here all about Naji and how his rescue has captured the hearts of a nation.
http://www.animalsa php?module= 2&menupos=1&submenupos=1&item=1&lg=en

To our friends everywhere, thank you for your faith, your energy and your never ending support in helping Animals Asia to restore respect for all animals. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and very peaceful Christmas and 2007.

June 13, 2006

205 bears rescued so far.

It has been a hectic few months for the team as our China Bear Rescue Sanctuary has been full of political and celebrity guests, the media....and new bears! With Animal Planet filming an exciting one-hour special, we've also hosted the beautiful and very famous singer/actress Karen Mok together with Neil Parish MEP from the European Parliament - both talking to camera about their revulsion of the bile farming trade and desire to see it end.

With an ugly metal catheter embedded into her abdomen for 8 years, previously farmed bear "Angel" is lucky to be alive. One of seven recently rescued bears, "Angel" is well on her way to enjoying her new life in our Sanctuary which has now saved 205 bears from agony and exploitation. We are also working hard in Vietnam to construct a quarantine area for the first of 200 farmed bears in Hanoi who will start to arrive in October.

With the UK Roadshow beginning next week, I look forward to meeting many of you soon. There are still tickets available for many of the events and you can also make bookings online at:

Till then, please spare a second to read all the latest news at:
- knowing, with our gratitude, that you are helping these bears on their way, as we take the next step to build the public area of the sanctuary to showcase them to a much wider audience.

Bear hugs,
Jill Robinson MBE
Founder & CEO
Animals Asia Foundation


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