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Vancouver Anti-Seal Protest

Here are the pics of our protest ... We had over 120 people at the Funeral Procession and the Protest in front the DFO.

Aqui hay fotos de la protesta annual contra la caza de focas en Vancouver, Canada. Mas de 120 personas participaron en esta
marcha funeraria y protesta enfrente del Departamento de Pescaderias y Oceanos (DFO).
Regards/Saludos: Erika Ceballos (CATCA)

Pictures of the Funeral Procession in Burrard going to the DFO

Sophia and Dionna captured the TV crews and media attention

Shouting on the megaphone at the DFO

The coffins at DFO The protest at the DFO (you can see our new banners and placards)

Our "decorated" Flag Sophia and Dionna handing WSPA fliers to the public

Me and Sophia Sophia with Holly Dignard ("Whistler" actress )

Best Regards/ Muchos Saludos:
Erika Ceballos
( CATCA Director )
Thanks to the WSPA Canada for sponsoring our new banners and placards and thanks to all of you who showed up and made this protest a success !

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