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As we are all aware, the annual bloodshed is upon us once again. This medieval, barbaric rite of spring should have been relegated to the bloody pages of human history centuries ago. Sadly, this blight is still with us despite the terminal sickness of the planet and thousands of innocent deaths from human inflicted climate change. To add to this human inflicted planetary misery, the government of Canada has once again declared war on wildlife for one reason only - greed. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives will soon be bludgeoned and shot to death for frivolous trinkets to satisfy the Asian, Russian and Norwegian appetites for cruelty.

Despite the death sentence recently announced by the government of Canada, there is a growing movement in Europe against this overwhelming cruelty. The Canadian government is very nervous about this movement and has decided to spend enormous amounts of taxpayer funds to drag its Inuit pawns across Europe on a tour to play on European sympathies in the hopes they will have a change of heart.

We cannot let this happen.

A list of all European Embassy contacts has been compiled for easy contact. Please go to and write to all the contacts to support a permanent ban on all Canadian seal products.

After years and years of wasted effort on trying to change every Canadian government, it is finally time to funnel that energy elsewhere.

Apologies....this is the correct link to the touringnewfoundland website and a list of European contacts to write to re: the seal slaughter.

Update on European contact info

I have just received information from a trusted source who has indicated that he has been in direct contact with two members of the "All-Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare" in the UK. They indicated that they have already been visited by the Canadian delegation of liars, including Loyola Hearn and his criminal contingent. The Canadian delegation was adamant in portraying Canadians as being very supportive of the seal hunt and that the opposition to the slaughter is only coming from a small number of "special interest groups" outside of Canada. Apparently, the UK group was not receptive to the Canadian delegations' view. This is alarming information, however, - although hardly surprising. Now is the time to flood the European embassy contacts with the words of true Canadians and let them know that Canada does care and does NOT support this slaughter! Please take the time to call, fax or write to the contacts compiled at

Please remind these contacts that Canadians do care and we are tired of being oppressed and lied to. It may also be worthwhile to mention this:

How can a country with antiquated animal cruelty laws dating back to 1892 and a government who refuses to update these same laws even be trusted to recognize animal cruelty?

It is critical that we unite for the seals and show the rest of the world that Canadians do care.

Please crosspost this message far and wide.

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