Attention Seal Defenders:

Want to play a direct role in stopping the largest mass butchery of marine mammals on our planet ? Read on about an exciting new strategy designed to strike a deathblow to the seal slaughter....

More than 330,000 innocent baby seals, the vast majority of them 12 days-12 weeks old, lost their lives in the most gut-wrenchingly brutal ways possible in 2006. Another slaughter is scheduled for 2007. A unified onslaught is required to bring Canada's annual massacre to its knees!

A new strategy has been created that targets vulnerable, small tourist-based businesses in Canada's sealing communities. Designed to inflict economic pain on a personal level, the goal is to convince them to stop the seal slaughter or risk a serious loss of revenue.

Norway, the driving force behind the annual hunt, purchases 80% of Canadian seal pelts, and boasts processing plants on its own soil and in Canada.

Hundreds of e-mail addresses have therefore been compiled for target regions in both Canada and Norway; these include contacts for tourist-based small businesses as well as local politicians in sealing towns/provinces.

Helping to stop the carnage is as easy as clicking "Send". Here's what you do:

Visit  for a tour of the truth.

Click on "things to do".

Enter your e-mail's subject (e.g. "Tourism boycott").

Write your message describing why you won't visit Newfoundland. Example: "My family and I will not be spending our tourist dollars in Newfoundland until the seal slaughter is history."

Click "Submit".

A list of businesses will appear. Click on the first one, and you will see that your message is ready to go.

Click "Send".

Follow the same steps for the rest of the links. (That's all! Each target requires only two clicks, and your message is sent.)

Click on "access to the boycott database" on the "things to do" page. This takes you into the database for the rest of the provinces that participate in the seal slaughter, as well as for targets in Norway. Repeat the above steps, tailoring your subject header and message to suit the location.

Click on "contact" for a list of government and tourism offices to target. Let them know that you have taken a tour of the website, and that you will be encouraging family, friends and co-workers to join the boycott.

Forward this e-mail to everyone you know!

Note: Due to the possibility of numerous responses, you may wish to use a separate hotmail or yahoo address to send from. (This can be disabled when you are finished.) Also please note that an effort has been made to test the e-mail addresses, but there are bound to be some "bouncers" in spite of our weeding-out process.

Problems using the system? Contact:

Ongoing anti-slaughter efforts by various organizations and individuals are gratefully acknowledged. In addition to the excellent strategies currently being employed, it is felt that regional business owners, when personally targeted, will be in a prime position to call for an end to the slaughter. Our battle for the seals will now be taken to the businesses of people who depend upon tourism for a living.

Seal Defenders, Add This Weapon To Your Arsenal Of Strategies . Together We Will Bring The Monster Down!

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