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Quebec Puppy Mills
May 8, 2008

Nicole Joncas is a true and admirable role model. How thrilled was I to see that, further to our request for help and advertising of our demo in March 2007, the Animal Liberation Front has decided to follow up with L&P and of course, of the continuous, letal proliferation of puppy mills in Quebec. We will win this battle in one great, loud, strong voice.

Most sincere thanks to Nicole Joncas for her devoted perseverance and to the Animal Liberation Front for supporting us.
Regards especially to Mrs. Ann Berlin

Nicole Messier et Marcell, founders
Militia for @nimals in Quebec 

Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Next to tax cuts and health care, animal welfare rates low on politicians' list of priorities heading into tomorrow's provincial election.

But one tireless activist plans to make whoever wins the election answer in court for allowing an alleged puppy mill to remain in business despite what she calls overwhelming - and enduring - evidence
of animal cruelty.

Nicole Joncas, founder of Teja's Animal Refuge in Ontario, is asking permission in Quebec Superior Court to sue the attorney-general of Quebec and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for failin to enforce Quebec laws on animal welfare when it comes to the Centre d'elevage Lamarche & Pinard in Ste. Justine de Newton, about 65 kilometres west of Montreal.

For the last 21/2 years, Joncas alleges, the breeder has kept animals in overcrowded, unheated and unsanitary facilities.

Dogs are routinely left in cages with other sick, dead or dying animals, in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius and are mistreated or beaten by employees, in blatant contravention of the Animal Health Protection Act, the lawsuit alleges.

full story:

The puppy mills of Quebec still operate. Since we obtained a meeting with the sub minister to further discuss this crucial issue on March 30, 2007, we organized another demonstration and we are asking for you to publish once again. For the voiceless, the choice less, we are the only ones that can show the population how dramatic their miserable and painful lives are like�

Nicole, founder and general manager
Militia for @nimals in Quebec


We are privileged to accept the invitation of Mrs. Martine Dubuc, sub minister of the MAPAQ. We will meet with her on March 30, 2007. We will take this opportunity to explain our simple and efficient vision to create the DPA (Direction for the Protection of domestic Animals) under the ministry of justice, with the proxy to apply the dispositions of the RSQ P-42, which needs to be extended, more defined according to the needs of our customers, canine and feline.

We will also give her the list of the supporters of the Militia for @nimals in Quebec so she realizes that hundreds of citizens are in favour for a change, for a solution, and furthermore, at no additional cost to the minister...

We will present her all the files and photographs we have got regarding the puppy mills that are proliferating in our province. Should you have any information, please forward it to us so it is then given to Ms. Dubuc.

You are all cordially invited to join us to hold a demonstration in front of their office on March 30, starting at 12h00. Bring along your loyal companion and any banner or placard you may have. She must know how concerned the population is about these animacides. We are their voices and we must use this tool to get adequate protection for their wellbeing.

Please contact us should you wish to join this party. Bring your posters and/or placards to show Ms. Dubuc and the population. Thank you for bringing a little disposal bag just in case your animal should get a sudden need to ease its needs�

Should you not be able to be there, please write to Ms. Dubuc and explain how and why the proliferation of puppy mills and the laxity of our government affects and worries you.
For a letter or a fax:

Bureau du sous-ministre
Madame Martine Dubuc
200, chemin Sainte-Foy, 12e tage
Qubec (Qubec) G1R 4X6
Tl. : 418 380-2136
Fax: 418 380-2171

Or on the MAPAQ Web page:
To consult her curriculum vitae:

Nominations (our own translation - no English version was found)
Quebec, Wednesday February21, � The council of minister proceeded with the following nominations today:

Mrs. Martine Dubuc is nominated, starting March 2nd, 2007, assistant sub minister for the ministry and Ms. Dubuc was actually director of the National Institute of animal health within this ministry.

Some information on a puppy mill:

Located in Stanstead Quebec, run by Karen and Barry Stevens who moved from Ontario because the laws were too strict.

All the dogs & puppies are in a locked, very clean barn. Many puppies have died due to early age vaccinations and god knows what else. They have been known to throw dead puppies in the garbage.

She not only breeds the dogs there but crossbreeds them and has many people breeding for her. She said she sells about 80 puppies a week, mostly to Montreal pet stores and she transports to the USA. I can't even fathom 80 puppies/week.

She also raises horses which is supposed to be her "business" which is also the front for the mill.

Link to word doc from a very special from a very special woman, Nicole Joncas, universal peace ambassador (Geneva) who denunciate the Larmarche & Pinard puppy mill for over 3 years now (and for which puppy mill you already published our letter).

We thank you for supporting us in informing the whole world about what is going on here and, for your information, this puppy mill we refer to still operate, having even more locations now in which dogs are dying, without a voice, without a choice.

With best regards and gratitude,

Nicole Messier, fondatrice et directrice générale et Marcell

Milice @nimale du Québec - Militia for @nimals in Quebec

WE NEED YOUR HELP! please visit 
and  to learn about a puppy mill in Sainte-Justine de Newton that MUST be closed. We have reported this massacre to the authorities in charge with videos, photos, affidavit and more, for two years now and neither SPCA or Anima-Québec have done a thing! Marcell died there... PLEASE HELP US! IT MUST STOP! Many of these dogs never felt the fresh grass in the morning or seen sunrise or played with a butterfly... PLEASE HELP US SAVE THEM! They die each and every day and new ones come in. they live in hell and they die in hell.

WE HAVE OVER 1500 puppy mills in Quebec and the tortured animals do not get help in any way. PLEASE HELP US IN ANY WAY YOU CAN!

We can supply you with hundreds of addresses of puppy mills, that hold between 40 up to 600 DOGS captive in the most awful, inhumane conditions.

The situation is beyond your wildest imagination, we do not know where to turn anymore, since our government will not take action to solve this crime against our animals (it is chocking considering we have a law that allows to close them all down...).

It is so cold this winter, they are dying right now. Please, if I could write to you with my tears of blood, I would... Please, help us.

Thank you for reading our plea for those who have no voice and no choice and that I love above all. Marcell died in there... I cannot forgive neither forget. I am crying his tears.

Thank you so much, since knowing you read our desperate need for help can help us go through another day without relief for those surviving in these hell holes.

With the best regards of

Nicole et Marcell pour
la Milice @nimale du Québec - Militia for @nimals in Quebec

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