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Live from the Ice, 2007

From Rebecca Aldworth's journal of the Canadian Seal Hunt (happening RIGHT NOW!).
More proof that the government's argument that the seal hunt is HUMANE is totally and utterly a lie!!

Read this excerpt taken from Rebecca Aldworth's journal yesterday:
"...the scenes we witnessed and filmed today are irrefutable proof that Canada's commercial seal hunt is inherently inhumane.

There were almost no instances where the sealers obeyed the Marine Mammal Regulations, which require them to check to see if the seals are dead before hooking, dragging and skinning the animals. Nearly all of the seals we observed showed responses to pain as the sealers stabbed their steel hooks through the jaws, skulls and flippers of the pups, and dragged the animals across the ice.
These were the Newfoundland seal hunters, who claim their methods of hunting are far more humane than those used by Magdalen Islanders (map). But this is a lie. While I have seen a lot of brutal killing throughout my nine years of monitoring this hunt, yesterday's images were among the worst I can remember. The sealers knew they were being filmed, but didn't even attempt to obey regulations. And, as usual, there were no government enforcement officers in sight."

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