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Humane Alternatives for RCMPs

By Donna Dubreuil, the Ottawa Citizen October 19, 2012

Re: Fur flying over RCMP's request for 'coyote strips,' Oct. 13.

The RCMP's request for 2,000 pieces of coyote fur to line the hoods of
parkas for their officers is just another example of how out of touch this
agency is with the times.

One would think that after all the recent negative publicity the RCMP has
received, the agency would be looking to improve its tarnished image. But in
spite of the Arctic ice melt and warmer temperatures throughout Canada, the
RCMP continues to reject humane alternatives in the form of natural fibres
and synthetic furs for its hats and parkas and plans to spend up to $250,000
to trap and kill coyotes. Just what will it take to bring this archaic
organization into the 21st century?

Donna DuBreuil, Ontario Wildlife Coalition, Ottawa

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