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Animal Caring Groups MUZZLED by Canadian Govt.

APRIL 3, 2007 

Fur-Bearer Defenders: Animal Caring Groups MUZZLED by Canadian Government

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCN Matthews - April 3, 2007) - Canadian animal caring groups cannot criticize the seal killing, the fur trapping issue or even the fur trade lest they risk losing their registered charitable status (ability to issue tax receipts).

The public then is muzzled too because they only hear the government's side of all these animal issues, unless it is from USA groups (including their charities).

Fur-Bearer Defenders had its charitable status annulled after 44 years as an upstanding charity, because it was critical of the cruel fur industry. Now this Canadian animal group is free to speak openly and to criticize governments and the fur trade, etc., though their voice out in the west is often not heard throughout the country.

Says George Clements of Fur-Bearer Defenders: "So much needs to change. Say 'No' to all fur cruelty. Don't wear any fur. Demand an end to commercial fur trapping by the fur industry. Tell our government to stop the importation of cat and dog fur into our country."

"Canadians deserve free speech."

High quality video footage and photos available of animals suffering in fur trade traps.

Fur-Bearer Defenders
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