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Seal flash -- flash presentation by OIPA on Seal Slaughter.

The Final Nail - Now Featuring Canada

Vancouver, B.C.--Animal activists hold protest rally for the Harp Seals 

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Actions Reported to Biteback - 2016- 2017

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2010 - 2015

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007-2009

Quebec bill changes animals from "property" to sentient being - Nov 2015

Animal Liberation Front Visits Ontario Fur Farms - Sept 2015

Activists free mink from three southern Ontario fur farms - Sept 2015

3rd Ontario Mink Release - Aug 2015

2nd Ontario Mink Release - July 2015

Bear Cubs Rescued - July 2015

Massive Mink Release - July 2015

ALF Destroys Two Trucks In Ontario, Canada - June 2015

Toronto March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses - April 2015

Ontario Announces Groundbreaking Measure To End Orca Captivity - Feb 2015

Quebec government refuses to rescue foxes in critical state on fur farm - August 2014
Euthanized​? Elephant in Ontario: Elegy for another sad suffering loss - December 2013
Saving the Deer of Invermere - 11/2013
Limba the elephant - 11/2013
Anti-whaling activist Paul Watson testifies in U.S. court - 11/2013
Deer Hunt Nov 21st, Ontario, Canada - October 2013
Opposing recreational hunting of Mourning Doves - Oct 2013
Toronto's TNR Policy Draws Hisses - August 2013
Animals keep dying, horribly... Shhh...this is Canada - July 2013
Vancouver Encourages Meatless Monday - June 2013
A tale of just two innocent creatures - June 2013
May 2013. Provocative animal rights ads appear on city buses Mercy For Animals Canada ads aimed at influencing people to become vegetarians.

Stink bomb temporarily closes Real Housewives of Vancouver's Jody Claman's catering business - June 2013

Protesters crash zoo opening - May 2013

Real Housewives Star's Store "Horrid," Say Activists Who Vandalized It - April 2013

ALF threaten more vandalism against Real Housewives of BC star because she sells fur - March 2013

Vancouver Fur Profiteer Attacked by ALF - March 2013

Fur flies as Real Housewives of Vancouver star's store vandalized by animal activists - March 2013

Stouffville Country Market pits animal rights activists against livestock farmers - March 2013

Nanaimo Seal Hunt Demo Saturday 16 March 2013

Protesters want animal welfare laws changed - March 2013

Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest 16 March 2013

The Canadian chapter of Humane Society International is offering a $1,000 reward to find the people responsible for bludgeoning more than 50 grey seals in P.E.I. last weekend. The dead and dying seals were found near Beach Point by students from the Charlottetown-based Atlantic Veterinary College. "It is devastating that these nursing pups and mother seals were beaten in this brutal fashion and left to suffer in agony," Rebecca Aldworth, the executive director of Humane Society International/Canada (HSIC), said on the organization's site Friday. - full story:

Vancouver, BC: Molotov Attack on Cop Car Claimed by ALF - Jan 2013

Fur and Wool Shops Attacked in Vancouver, BC - 12/12

Toronto police seek suspect for damaging costly fur coats - 12/12

Animal welfare experts weigh in on Canadian hog farm video - 12/12

Canadian Citizen Surrenders to the FBI in Washington - 11/12

Animal-rights activists protest fur industry at The Bay downtown - 10/12

Humane Alternatives for RCMPs - October 2012

Marineland: OSPCA welcomes more power from the province - October 2012

AR protesters crash Marineland aiming to shut it down - October 2012

ARAs urge stronger Ontario laws - October 2012

Anti-fur activists behind attack at Vancouver Snowflake store threaten more on Banff shops - September 2012

(CA) Former Marineland Staffers Deliver AR Petition - September 2012

(CA) Animal group warns of more attacks - August 2012

'This is criminal harassment': Vancouver fur boutique manager seeing red after activists strike again - August 2012

Animal rights event airs live from Hamilton - July 2012

Animal-abuse line launches - July 2012

Vancouver Demonstration Against Animal Testing - June 2012

ARAs hit several Vancouver-area fur stores - May 2012

Happy Hens Rescued in Celebration of International Respect for Chickens Day - May 2012

Montreal ARAs to protest at German Consulate office - May 2012

Vancouver animal-rights group protests dairy industry - May 2012

A Jumbo-Sized Tragedy for Lucy the Elephant - May 2012

The seal hunt is dead, thank God - April 2012

Seal hunt off Newfoundland 'in a state of limbo' - March 2012

Olivier Berreville: Codes of practice fail to protect Canada's animals from abuse and suffering - March 2012

IPhone app targets seal hunt - March 2012

Sealers to activists: Leave us alone - March 2012

Canadian AR group hosts anti-fur demonstration - Feb 2012

Seal expert asked dumb and dumber questions - Feb 2012

HSI Canada Calls for End of Laying Hen Cages - Feb 2012

University of Toronto stops research on live monkeys - Feb 2012

Animal rights group rallies - Feb 2012

UBC Please Have Compassion - February 2012

Shark Fin Poison Threat and "Eco-Terrorism" in Canada - Dec 2011

A Response to Animal Liberation Canada/USA's Racialized Rhetoric - Dec 2011

Quebec government to propose bill to raise fines, controls on animal cruelty - Dec 2011

Newswire: Undercover investigation reveals serious food safety and horse welfare concerns - Dec 2011

U.S.-based AR group to rescue bountiful bunny population - Dec 2011

Shark Fin Soup: Underground AR Group Threatens To Spread Poison In Toronto's Chinatown - December 2011
     Hate crimes unit called in after purported animal-rights group threatens to poison food in Chinatown

Fire hampers production at Maple Leaf Foods plant - November 2011

ARAs are Terrorists? - November 2011

A letter and article about Ontario's Spring Bear Hunt - October 2011

AR groups defined as terrorists on government website - Oct 2011

UBC animal rights activists expand campaign - Oct 2011

Canadian Puppy Millers - Sept 2011

Toronto Restricts Sales Of Cats And Dogs - September 2011

37 dogs found chained, malnourished in Quebec - August 2011

Gibsons ban on leg-hold traps praised by AR group - August 2011

Extremists take credit for attack on fur store - June 2011

Vancouver Fur Shop Targeted Again - May 2011

Animal rights candidate happy she pushed for change - May 2011

ARA fifth NWT candidate in Canadian election - April 2011

Offices of Whistler company that killed 100 sled dogs vandalized with red paint - 3/11

Canadian ALF Serves Notice on Animal Abusers - 3/11

ARA's Ready Cameras for Seal Hunt - 2/11

Stop the Cull of Crows and Magpies - 2/11

Seal-Hunt-Supporting Senator Struts Her Ignorance - 2/11

Death on the Ice: The Atlantic Seal Hunt Debate - 2/11

Don't forget the seals, another animal slaughter - 2/11

It's hard being a seal clubber these days - 2/11

"Canada has broad, well-crafted animal cruelty laws"? [that is clear nonsense!] - 2/11

Take part in National Anti Fur Day events - 1/11

The Commercial Seal Hunt: Defamation and Heinous Propaganda - 1/11

Ottawa ARAs Target Human Society's Meaty Menu - Jan 2011

Farm Animal Rights Weigh Heavily on Minds of Canadian Residents - 12/2010

Inder Bedi's Via Vegan in Montreal - Dec 2010

The Great Rainy River Canada Goose Fiasco - Dec 2010

UBC Researchers Concerned - November 2010

Edmonton ARAs descend on Rodeo - November 2010

Shoo! Another, kinder, response to a bear in Canada- Nov 2010

Another Victory for the Harp Seals - October 2010

Judge fines Syncrude $3.2M over duck deaths - Oct 2010

Canada Spends $75,000 Cyber Spying on AR Groups - Oct 2010

ARAs Vandalize Car in Vancouver - October 2010

Advocacy Groups Call for Animal Testing Transparency at UBC - Oct 2010

Vancouver ARAs Awareness Campaign - August 2010

ARAs Target Calgary Stampede - July 2010

Canadian ALF Actions - video, June 2010

Bunny Trouble at University of Victoria - June 2010

Canada ARAs protest Circus - May 2010

Canadian Horse Defence Hidden Camera Investigation - April 2010

Strays, Alberta Canada - April 2010

Edmonton Circus Protest - March 2010

Anti-Sealing Rally in Nanaimo - February 2010

Animal Law - November 2009

Ranking Provinces on Animal Cruelty - June 2009
Activist - Bob; Activist - Mariko

Canadian Seal Hunt Quickly Crashing

Seal Hunt e-book (pdf file) - April 2009

AR group in BC, Canada:

Barrie's Animal Activist's Network

ALF Canada -- Summary of some Canadian actions, 1979-1998.

BROKEN WINGS: The Breakdown of Animal Protection in Canada - April 2009

ALF Frees Rabbits Destined for Slaughter - April 2009

March 2009: 36 videos of the Vancouver seal demo. Anthony Marr uploaded 36 videos on to taken at the anti-seal-hunt demo in Vancouver BC Canada on March 27, 2009..

Here is one example, featuring Erica Edwards of Lush Cosmetics, her beautiful new baby and handsome husband: com/watch? v=hSK--mlU6jA

A video of Senator Mac Harb's historic speech this weekend in Ottawa:

Baby Seal Wars 2009

Edmonton AR Group Protests Shine Circus - March 2009

Canadian Newfoundland Sealers Admit to Their Crimes - March 2009

Walk for the Seals in Nanaimo - March 2009

Bunny lovers freeing rabbits from traps - February 2009

2008 in Review and Going Forward into 2009 - January 2009

R.J. Bailot honoured by fund for animal welfare - January 2009

Teja's Animal Refuge - Fighting Puppy Mills - January 2009

Brilliant ARA Fights Cruel Puppy Mill - January 2009

March 2008: The Touring Newfoundland website now contains news updates, additional contacts, and a popup window with contact information for the EU environment commissioner.

CATCA Photo Album 2008 Events - Powerpoint slideshow

1st International Animal Law Conference in Canada - Dec 08

20 Captive Hens Released from British Columbia Egg Farm - Nov 08

A Vancouver ARA Slams Shelter Experiments - October 2008

ARAs vs. Quebec Puppy Mills - October 2008

Windsor Animal Action Group against vandalism - September 2008

4000 More Captive Mink Released - August 2008

ARA Joanne Chang Arrested for Mischief - August 2008

ARA Filed Complaint Against Vancouver Police - July 2008

Future of Seal Hunt Thrown into Question - July 2008

July 2008
TORONTO -- The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has released more video detailing what it calls the mistreatment of horses at a farm in Saskatchewan.

Images from the slaughterhouse enraged animal-rights groups last week after an activist secretly videotaped workers at Natural Valley Farms. In the video, horses can be seen sliding around in tiny, cramped pens, sometimes still conscious when they are killed.

The horse meat industry in Canada has been on the increase ever since the United States banned horse slaughterhouses last year.

-- full story: ALeqM5jENzd2UhT8PEk8FkDF6iip5svBQQ

Here I enclose some good footage on Cape Breton in March 31st, that Bridget from the Atlantic Anti Sealing Coalition so kindly sent me.

Hay Island video footage of the killing:

Please, If you make copies, credit the videos to IFAW.

Ericka Ceballos

Coordinator of the International Campaign for the seal products ban in CEE
President of Campaigns Against The Cruelty To Animals
Director of the Western Canada Anti Sealing Coalition
E.P.C. of the Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society
Coordinator of the International. Anti Fur Coalition Vancouver
P.S. Af of March 31, 2008, you can contact me at:

Furrier Bankrupt - June 2008

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Video - June 2008

Sealing Subsidies Don't Pay Off - May 2008

Canadian Coast Guard Rams Farley Mowat - March 2008

Stop Seal Slaughter - March 08

White Silence

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February 2008 Billboard Modification

EFSA adopts a scientific opinion on the animal welfare aspects of different methods of killing and skinning of seals: http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=28869& lang=en

Seal industry faces 'crisis' because of import bans - Jan 08

Tre Smith Reinstated - December 2007

The slaughter of seals must end - September 2007

Chester Basin Activists - September 2007

Why is Canada murdering these bears? - August 2007

Activists film cruelty to ducks at foie gras plant - July 2007

UPS Copy Centre Attacked - May 2007

Sealing Boat Sunk in Newfoundland - April 2007

Live from the Ice 2007 - April 2007

Jeremy Kinsman: Diplomatically Speaking - April 2007

Seal Protest 2007 - Contact Information

Animal Caring Groups MUZZLED by Canadian Govt. - April 2007

Vancouver Anti-Seal Protest - March 2007

Seal Slaughter News, 2007 - March 2007

Canada prepares 'historic' animal rights standards - March 2007

The Sad State of Captive Elephants in Canada - February 2007

January 26, 2007 anonymous report to Biteback: "Fur store in Red Deer, Alberta: front door was spray painted and the front window covered in stickers and posters along with the phrase "F*** Fur"
written on the window."

Quebec Puppy Mills - January 2007, updated March 2007

SHAC Canada targeted by police repression - December 2006

Boycott Canadian Seafood, and Help us Stop Harp Seal hunts!

Halifax AR Vigil - December 2006

October 18, 2006. Spread the word far and wide! Please help the seals! We need people to utilize the database at  AND, The Flash banner is complete! To view this, go to the home page:

Fur Protest - Vancouver - Nov. 2006. Fur protest shuts down clothing store.

Rodeo Ban -- June 2006. Vancouver first city in Canada to ban rodeo .

Seal Hunter Cartoons -- Two satirical cartoons.

Concordia -- Protestors. 2006.

Betrayed by Canada -- March 2006. Essay by Canadian journalist.

Calgary Seal Demo -- March 2006.

Open The Cages -- October 23, 1995 the ALF opened the cages on the Dargatz Mink Farm in British Columbia.

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