reported anonymously:

"On the night of Sunday Dec 6th, two Winners clothing stores in the Vancouver area had their front entrances painted red to symbolize the blood of animals dying for their cheap fur trimmed coats. Even after public outcry Winners continues to sell cheap Chinese made clothing trimmed with the fur of dogs, rabbit, fox and mink.

Animals raised on fur farms in China live in horrific conditions, they are routinely skinned alive and dismembered while fully conscious, go here to view animals being skinned alive, the very same species of dog being sold in Winners stores!

A message to WINNERS, STOP SELLING FUR or this will continue getting worse for you! Over $20 000 of Winners jackets have already been sabotaged, your storefronts are covered with blood, GET RID OF THE FUR because we are not going to back down!!!!"


anonymous report:

"on october 4 in vancouver canada the home of megan halpren speciesist fur store owner was visited. her garage had FUR BITCH written. her front steps were redecorated with infected rotting dumpster meat and the message HERES THE REST OF YOUR FUR COAT. we are watching you megan."


received anonymously:
"---For Immediate Release - August 26th, 2009---
The Fur Farm Intelligence Unit is taking responsibility for the confiscation of the list of 2009 Canada Mink Breeder's Association Annual Meeting attendees from fur industry files at an unnamed location.

Approximately 270 mink farms remain in the United States, many more in Canada. Towards the goal of exposing this industry in full, from farm addresses to feed supplier locations, the Fur Farm Intelligence Unit is making the following list public. Herein is the list of registered guests of the 2009 Canada Mink Breeders Association Annual Meeting, held this year in Madison, WI (U.S.A.), on August 30th, 31st, and September 1st. All individuals listed are staying at the Hilton Madison Monona Terrace (9 East Wilson Street, Madison, WI. (608) 255-5100). This is the first CMBA annual meeting held outside of Canada. This conference brings together not just Canadian farmers, but many from the U.S.

Most importantly, we bring the exact nights these individuals, many of them mink farmers, will not be home.

April 12, 2009 -- Bunnies Rescued from Petting Zoo

anonymous report:

"I alone liberated bunnies from a petting zoo hell, where according to staff their future would be determined by the highest bidder at an auction (either fur trim/fur farm, lab bunnies or slaughtered for food).

Action in Quebec Canada."

January 14, 2009 -- Thousands of Dollars of Fur Jackets Ruined

communique received anonymously:

"This is a message to ALL Canadians who do not support animal cruelty, we have a confession AND a challenge for you.

$25000 worth of cheap winter jackets with REAL fur trim on them have been sabotaged at Winner's locations all accross Canada.

Winners sells jackets with real rabbit, fox, mink, and DOG fur all sourced from animals raised on hellish fur farms in China.

These jackets with real fur are mixed in amoung jackets with FAUX fur, they are poorly labelled and some of them are not labelled at all, making it extremely difficult for shoppers to recognize. The majority of their customers have no idea they are buying real fur from tortured animals at all.

There is footage available on the internet of rabbits and raccoon dogs being killed on chinese fur farms and it shows that the animals remained consious while they were being skinned, screaming and writhing in pain as their skin is being cut off them, one animal was even filmed trying to bite a chinese fur farmer as he finished skinning her and some of the animals were still alive long after their skin was removed and they were thrown in the dead pile.

Winners has been contacted many times by concerned Canadians and their answer to this concern and complaints was 'As long as it is in style we will continue to sell it.'

The jackets were destroyed with razor blades, car keys, glue and chewing gum.

We would like to challenge all other compassionate poeple to do the same, target ALL Winners locations accross Canada in an effort to show the powers that be: WE DEMAND YOU GO FUR FREE NOW AND WE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE.


As long as animals are being skinned alive and sold for profit inside Winners, we challenge all who care, to commit economic sabotage against these blood thirsty monsters until they agree to pull all fur from the store.


December 4, 2008 -- Hens Liberated from "Free Range" Egg Farm

reported anonymously:

"On the night of Nov 27, 20 'free range' hens were liberated from a British Columbia egg farm. Activists entered the barn through an unlocked door and found the hens, many of them too weak to move while lying on the metal grated floor surrounded by other dead and dying birds. The hens are almost completely featherless, all of them have been debeaked right back to their nostrils, and their bottoms are swollen, infected and red.

Free range is not good enough, organic is not good enough, go vegan and leave the animals in peace.

This action was done in solidarity with the turkeys who were mutilated and dismembered on the Aviagen turkey farm in West Virginia which was exposed recently by undercover investigators. We will not stand for these constant attacks on our animal brothers and sisters, you will not get rid of us as we are only getting stronger.

ALF Canada"

October 30, 2008 -- 3000 Mink Released Into the Wild

According to media reports, early on October 16 approximately 3000 mink were released from La Visonni're Labont' de Thetford Mines, the largest fur farm in Quebec.

Farm director Pierre Labont' told a local newspaper, "Not only did they open the cages and release mink, but they also destroyed their pedigree cards, which is the trademark of anti-fur militants." (The cards contain irreplacable information about an individual animal's life history.) With the loss of genetic information, Mr. Labont' said the escaped mink are no longer useful for breeding. "We have insurance that protects us against theft, but not against this type of crime," he addded and estimated losses at $200,000.

September 18, 2008 -- Activists Busy Rescuing Hens, Turkeys

received anonymously:

"We've been busy, sorry for not sending a report earlier!!

British Columbia, Canada: These actions were done over the past year:

Activists rescued 25 battery hens from 3 different farms on 3 different occasions. One farm where 17 hens were rescued, eggs were smashed and doors were ripped off the hinges, this farm is now closed down for undisclosed reasons.

Eight turkeys were also rescued from 2 different farms, on two separate locations.

None of these farms were locked and we encourage others to walk through their unlocked doors as well...

The Fraser Valley of British Columbia is a factory farm HELLHOLE and we will be back to save more lives from these animal terrorists!!

You'll here from us again, ALF"

August 27, 2008 -- Thousands Freed at mink Farm

anonymous communique:
"On Saturday Aug 23, activists entered a mink farm in Aldergrove BC CANADA and released approx 4000 mink. The farm is next to Aldergrove Lake Park which provides over 200 acres of water habitat for them to survive. Operation Biteback is in full force, let these arrows be our tears......

Here are the addresses to other mink farms in the area. The ones which have stars are confirmed to have animals on them at this time and are in full operation.

Shut them down."
Note: Approximately 5000 mink were released from cages at the Rippin Fur Farm in November 1995.

January 24, 2008 -- Billboard Subverted

anonymous report:

"a Wendy's restaurant advertisement for their new stack attack mega-burger in London, Ontario was subverted by activists Jan. 22nd 2008"

September 17, 2007 -- Saboteurs Free Thousands of Mink

According to media reports, as many as 6,000 mink were released from cages early Saturday at a fur farm near Harcourt, a town on the east coast of Newfoundland.

The Harcourt Mink Farm (located 1 kilometre east of Ryders Brook Bridge, off of Route 232, on Trinity Bay) is owned by Jorn Mogensen, a Danish mink farmer who operates several fur farms and related businesses in the area.

From Press Office:

6000 Captive Mink Released From Newfoundland Prison
Animal Liberationists Target Renowned Animal Abuser and Profiteer

Harcourt, Newfoundland- As many as 6000 captive mink were released from the Harcourt Mink Farm, located 1 kilometer east of Ryders Brook Bridge, off of Route 232, on Trinity Bay along the eastern coast of Newfoundland, according to police reports.

Imprisoned in cages for life, fur-bearing animals are forced to endure the intensive confinement of only a few square feet of cage, compared to the miles of territory these animals would enjoy in the wild - their natural state. While reports from the fur industry have surfaced that liberations were harmful to the animals, the ALF has a long history of successfully releasing animals into the wild from fur farms. In addition to liberating the wild animals destined to a certain, painful and agonizing death, another goal of the ALF is to cause economic harm to fur farms; dozens of fur farming operations have seen economic ruin since "Operation Bite Back" began by the ALF in the 1990s.

"While some of the wild mink may be recaptured or killed in their escape, at least they have been given a chance at what everyone deserves, a chance to live free" stated Jerry Vlasak, a Press Officer with the Animal Liberation Press Office and former Sea Shepherd Conservation Society board member. "Contrary to the rhetoric of those who profit from the imprisonment and killing of these beautiful, wild creatures, scientific studies have proven captive mink have the innate ability to survive in the wild, do not decimate other animal populations or the environment, and do not carry away small children or pets."

On the night of May the 8th in Hamilton.

A UPS copy centre had its windows smashed by the ALF in support of the SHAC 7 and the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign. Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is one of the world's largest animal-testing labs. It has three facilities, one in New Jersey USA and two in England, where animals are forced to inhale and ingest excessive amounts of chemicals (pesticides, coffee sweeteners, GMO's, diet pills, etc) then they are killed and dissected. Every day 500 animals (including dogs, cats, mice, primates and rabbits) die at the hands of perverse "scientists." -- full story:


anonymous message:

"Montreal, Canada

In the middle of the day, a group of compassionate activists gathered together to pay justice to the scum bags profiting from the animals inside HLS.

3pm, downtown:

We threw about 20 red paint balls on a couple of NYSE and Euronext partners and collaborators banks. While we were at it we saw not far from there a Canadian army recruitment building so we decided to attack them as well. They too have their hands full of blood! We have thrown those paint balls so high that it will stay there a while before they figure out how to get it off!

Too bad suckers!

As long as you will continue to associate with puppy killers, we won't stop making YOU lose money."

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