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Anti-fur activists behind attack at Vancouver Snowflake store threaten more on Banff shops

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By Nadia Moharib,Calgary Sun

September 28, 2012

The group, which claimed responsibility for a recent incident at a Vancouver Snowflake store, threatens there will be more attacks at other locations in Banff and Whistler, B.C.

"We will stop when the violence and murder stops and it is only a matter of time before actions like these start occurring at the other Snowflake locations in Whistler and Banff," stated an anonymous posting to an activist website.

Megan Halprin, Snowflake's director of finance, refused on Friday to comment on the threats.

Halprin told QMI Agency previously that she has been harassed by animal rights groups for years and fears it will only escalate.

In late August, Jerry Vlasak, with the Los Angeles based Animal Liberation Front, told QMI Agency the attacks would continue.

The comments came on the heels of incidents targeting Snowflake Furs and Spieser Furs -- both of which had a noxious substance smelling like sour milk sprayed throughout their mail slots.

Several months earlier, barrels of red paint were thrown at the windows of four fur stores in Vancouver, including Snowflake.

The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility.

Snowflake has been targeted three times in the last year.

Halprin said even her home was targeted by vandals who poured bleach on the front lawn and wrote �murderer lives here� in chalk on her driveway.

Police denounced the incidents as criminal acts while appealing for help to locate suspects.

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