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ALF Destroys Two Trucks In Ontario, Canada

June 8, 2015

Animal Liberation Front Destroys Two Trucks In Ontario, Canada
Trucks Owned by Harlan Laboratories, a Huntingdon Life Sciences Company

In a communique received anonymously by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office today, activists from the Animal Liberation Front claim they destroyed by fire two trucks owned by Harlan Laboratories, a company owned by the infamous vivisection company Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The anonymous communique reads, in full:
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - Early in the morning of June 7, 2015, the Animal Liberation Front planted incendiary devices under trucks belonging to Harlan Laboratories. Harlan is a company owned by Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are responsible for supplying research animals and animal feed to vivisectionists. This action was undertaken in order to eliminate this evil company's means of transportation, to disrupt the systematic torture and murder of innocent animals, and to cause as much monetary damage as possible. Fortunately, news reports have said that the devices ignited successfully, damaging one truck and completely destroying the other. Our only regret is that the flames were extinguished before they had a chance to spread to Harlan's offices. In solidarity with those fighting the oppression of mink on fur farms in St. Mary's - A.L.F.

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), a contract animal testing company based in the UK but with facilities in the US and Canada, has been exposed in seven consecutive undercover investigations demonstrating lab technicians simulating sex with animals, punching beagle puppies and violating numerous animal welfare regulations. The company kills 500 dogs and other animals every day testing such products as oven cleaners, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Before losing their NYSE listing several years ago, HLS lost their listing on the London Stock Exchange after UK campaigners exposed atrocities occurring inside HLS facilities; the company currently teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. Although the official above-ground campaign to close HLS was shuttered last year due to government repression, the activists of the ALF continue to fight the explicit cruelty inherent in this company, whose quest for profit lets them ignore the scientific invalidity of animal torture.

The Animal Liberation Front(ALF) utilizes economic sabotage in addition to the direct liberation of animals from conditions of abuse and imprisonment to halt needless animal suffering. By making it more expensive to trade in the lives of innocent, sentient beings, the ALF maintain the atrocities against our brothers and sisters are likely to occur in smaller numbers; their goal is to abolish the exploitation, imprisonment, torture and killing of innocent, non-human animals.

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