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Rodeo Served With An Injunction by Faro Courts

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Sept 08

[Euro Weekly News]

The rodeo expected to take place last weekend for the 'Estoi Horser Festival' was served with an injunction by Faro courts.

The Brazilian rodeo is one of the highlights of the Algarvean festival and participates in the National Rodeo Championship.

The injuction was sought by the animal rights organisation, 'Animal' who expressed their satisfaction with the court's decision, as they consider rodeos to be spectacles which, by their very nature, involve cruel and inhumane treatment to animals, often causing pain to bulls and horses. They feel that this practice is doubly perverse as it is presented as a public entertainment, in the course of which, animals can suffer injuries. They say that current animal protection laws should be enforced more rigorously and that any form of cruelty to animals is unacceptable.

On the other hand, the Portuguese Rodeo Association (APR) condemned the decision as 'equivocal'. Its president, Jose Manuel Carvalho, defended the rodeo, stating that it consists just of "people riding wild horses and bulls, and no cruelty is inflicted on the animals as the only instrument used for the occasion is a rope that the cowboy takes to hold the animal".

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