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According to reports in Belgian newspapers, approximately 300 mink were freed from cages at a fur farm in the village of Lotenhulle (East Flanders) during the night of August 18.

The farmer's son interrupted two individuals wearing balaclavas inside a shed, but they escaped.


Bouglione Juniors

received anonymously:
"This night of 29 july in La Louvi�re (Belgium) we risked being arrested for vandalism, turn by turn one of us watched in case the police or vehicles arrived while the others painted some messages on the giant advertisings of an animal circus 'Bouglione Juniors'.
Later in the night, we painted 'MEAT = MURDER - ALF' on the butcher shop 'Renmans'.
We also paint a STOP signal with the slogan 'STOP EATING ANIMALS'.
We have done this action of propaganda for animal liberation through graffiti with the intention of adding ourselves to the call for illegal actions against companies how exploit animals.
To Bouglione: Stop to use animals in your show! Circus with animals are not fun for them! We will strike again!
The day of the animal liberation victory will be the first day of peace on the Earth.
ALF - ABC team"

"Cette nuit du 29 juillet � La Louvi�re (Belgique), en risquant d'�tre arr�t� pour acte de vandalisme, � tour de r�le nous avons fait me guet au cas ou des v�hicules ou la police passerait, tandis que les autre taguaient des slogan sur les affiches g�antes du cirques � animaux � Bouglione Juniors �.
Plus tard dans la nuit, nous avons peint "VIANDE = MEURTRE - ALF" sur la boucherie � Renmans�.
Nous avons �galement peint un signal STOP avec le slogan �STOP EATING ANIMALS".
Nous avons fait cette action de propagande en faveur de la lib�ration animale via ces graffitis � visant � faire appel nous m�me aux actions ill�gales contre la fa�on dont les entreprises exploitent les animaux.
Pour Bouglione: Arr�tez d'utiliser des animaux dans vos shows! Les cirques avec des animaux ne sont des endroits corrects pour eux! Nous frapperons � nouveau!
ALF � team ABC"

May 18, 2009 -- HLS Customers Targeted

received anonymously:

"NAME: Peter Antoon Hugo Guenter
CRIME: Sanofi Aventis Head of Board
LOCATION: Brandemanstraat 66ab, Laarne
Hiding in a dark house with no number? do better than that! We found you and left you with black slogans on your garages, a car on the drive paint-stripped and tyres slashed, and with five liters of weedkiller poured around your tidy looking front garden.

NAME: Nico Roger - Madeleine van Hoecke
CRIME: earning blood money from Schering Plough
LOCATION: Zuidstraat 6, Lokeren
We wonder if you will have spent the morning desperately scrubbing your walls, trying to hide the truth that we painted over your drive, sidewalk and house. What will the neighbors think?

NAME: Greta Beenaerts
CRIME: Bayer Director, Division Manager Consumer Care
LOCATION: Westerhoeven 4, Geel
How do you like the messages we left over your fancy house? Your special lighting system certainly helped to guide us.
Shame neither them or your security camera could protect your car from our paint-stripper and knives. You're just lucky it wasn't worse for you Bayer scum!

You bastards can expect the Militant Forces outside your houses any night until you drop HLS..


May 17, 2009 -- ALF Knock and Run

anonymous report:

"Remember those games of knock-and-run that you used to play as kids, leaving people standing at empty doorsteps? Time to bring them back..

The rules are simple - wake up an animal exploiter in the middle of the night with a special knock-and-run!

Time to get creative!

To start this game off, we visited Baudouin de Canniere. He helps Euronext make money off animal exploitation. After tagging his door at 3am, we banged heavily with an axe and disappeared into the quiet night as it fell hard onto his doorstep..

Drop HLS now!


Baudouin de Canniere [Euronext]
Dieseghemlei [...], 2640 Mortsel
T: [...]"

October 21, 2008 -- Home Remodeling with NYSE Director

anonymous communique:

"In the night of 6th October we went up to the house of Vincent van Dessel, an important scumbag of NYSE Euronext in Belgium. You live in a luxurious house with a huge garden. [...]

As long as HLS is still listed on NYSE Arca we will live in the night [...] This time we just paintstripped the two motorcycles in front of your door, punctured the tires and threw blood colored paint on your walls and door. We were with quite a lot of people so it gave us some time to redecorate your garden. We basicly threw around all of your nice little flowers and plants, we hope you liked it!

It is serious Vincent [...] Innocent animals are suffering and are being killed in Huntingdon Life Sciences. It is us who have to stand up and make HLS history. [...] It's your choice NYSE Euronext [...]

Make the right decision or we will be back [...] ....

Animal Rights Militia

Vincent van Dessel
Kuikenstraat [...] Sint-Katelijne-Waver

February 5, 2008 -- Windows Smashed at Pet Store

received anonymously:

"Leuven (Belgium) - On the early morning of January 29, 25 windows were smashed to pieces and walls were spraypainted with 'ALF'. AVEVE (Farmer's union) sells small animals and has important connections with intensive farming and the meat industry."

February 5 , 2008 -- ALF Revival

Media are reporting an ALF revival in Belgium. The February 2 arson at a research building under renovation at the University of Hasselt was at least the eleventh action in Belgium since early January.

Actions have included:

- In early January, slogans were painted on four butcher shops in the towns of Bilzen and Diepenbeek. "Murder" and other slogans were left behind in red paint.

- Late on January 11, the walls, doors and windows of several butchers in Maaseik were painted.

- One butcher was painted in Houthalen-Helchteren.

- In mid-January, "Fur = Murder" was painted on a store in Sint Niklaas.

- A wall and billboard at a slaughterhouse were painted. The name of the company, Noordvlees Van Gool, was changed to "Moordvlees" (literally, "Murder meat"). The letters "ALF" also painted.

- A clothing store on Leuven's Ladeuzeplein had its facade painted with slogans ("Fur is murder," "ALF").

February 4, 2008 -- Fire Destroys Animal Lab

Media in Belgium has reported that in the early morning hours of February 2, a building was destroyed by fire at the University of Hasselt's Biomedical Research Institute in the town of Diepenbeek. The letters "ALF" were found painted on a nearby building.


photos from TVL (TV Limburg regional television):

January 13, 2008 -- Butcher Shops Spraypainted

anonymous report:

"On January 11, at least 8 butchershops in Limburg (Belgium) were spraypainted with 'meat is murder' and 'killers'".


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