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Actions Reported to Biteback 2008

Brussels Demonstration Against Dog Killing in Romania - Dec 2014

Walloon Government Bans Fur Farming - Oct 2014

Massive turnout for march against animal cruelty in Brussels - Sept 2014

Fermeture de l'abattoir d' Anderlecht � Bruxelles - July 2014

Belgium: Killing lobsters - May 2014

Belgian government advises decrease in red meat consumption - Jan 2014

Belgium set to prohibit wild animals in circuses

Opening of the first vegan shop: - IAR Gathering August 16-18, 2013 in Belgium
   16th Annual AR Gathering

Belgian-German rodeo video - March 2013

Brussels loses patience over sow stall failures - February 2013

Manifestation contre l'experimentation animale - October 2011

Derogation for battery cage ban by Belgian Minister Onkelinx unacceptable and illegal! - August 2011

EU: Commission urges Sweden to respect endangered wolves - Jan 2011

2nd EU AW Strategy (2011-2015) - Jan 2011

Pig welfare takes step forward as surgical castration ends in 2018 - 12/10

Freedom of Religion Stops Where Animal Suffering Begins - Nov. 2010

In Solidarity, Protest Belgian Consulate - Oct 2010

Animal Testing Laws - November 2009

Animal Express Selling Dogs - November 2009

Belgium Group Challenges Primate Tests - September 2009

Belgium to ban use of cages for egg production - August 2009

Brussels Naked Bullfight Protest - October 2008

Weekly Meatless Day - May 2008 com/watch? v=P1LrPdvXfTw - ALF vs. Vivisection

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Chicks Released in Parks after Refused Transport - December 2007

Belgium anti-fur demo Antwerp - October 13, 2007

Parliament bans the import of all seal products - January 2007

Dec 31, 2006. Window smashed at furrier's home.

received anonymously at Biteback:

"when we promised that we wouldn't stop till the fur shop closed, we meant it. After two months we thought it was time for the SIXTH visit! We smashed a window of his house...again. the camera's he hung up 3 months ago are still there, but they didn't stop us! his shop closed the day after, hopefully it's forever now!

Christmas greetings,
ALF Belgium, Que PASA? (Protect And Save Animals)"

Belgium Ban on Fur from Dogs and Cats - December 2006

Belgium Protest -- January 2006

Dutch and Belgian Animal rights activists target companies which are either suppliers or customers for the animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences. More about the campaign to stop HLS:

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SHAC Demonstration

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