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The heat is turned up in Austria

300 animal rights campaigners took part in an anti fur demonstration in Vienna on Saturday 11th November, which marked a weekend of animal rights action in Austria.

Arkangel have been informed that 300 activists took part in a march which lasted 4 hours in the centre of Vienna. Tactics included fast and mobile demonstrations in front of various fur shops in the city. The main focus of the demonstrations appears to have been the Austrian clothing company Kleider Bauer.

Kleider Bauer have recently become the new target of an anti-fur campaign led by the Austrian animal rights group VGT (Verein Gegen Tierfabriken). Their previous target, Peek & Cloppenburg (P&C), recently stopped selling fur after an intensive campaign by activists in both Germany and Austria.

The demonstration was policed by more than 50 police officers who, it is reported, desperately tried to keep up with the fast moving protest and who were unable to guess at which shops the demonstrators would focus on next. On 3 separate occasions, the demonstrators were attacked by anti animal rights people. On one occasion a woman wearing a fur coat came out of a fur shop and grabbed a female activist, but other activists intervened and the woman was pushed back into the shop, along with 4 policemen who were also trying to intervene.

On 2 other occasions, the crowd was attacked by pro animal abusers, but once again the crowd are reported to have remained disciplined and the attackers were removed by force. At the front of the march, 4 activists dressed in black carried a coffin with fur hanging from it, and at the back of the demonstration a van equipped with a screen showed anti fur video footage.

Fur demos in front of Kleider Bauer stores in other parts of Vienna, as well as in Linz and in Innsbruck also took place simultaneously with the the main march in Vienna's centre. The other demos in Vienna also featured fur videos on big screens.

In addition to the anti-fur demos, elsewhere in Austria activists turned out in the fields for hunt sabbing wild boar shoots on Saturday and Sunday. One boar was found injured by a bullet but still alive. Altogether 15 hunting platforms were cut down in woods just outside Vienna, a hunting lodge was damaged, and a number of wild boar and deer feeding sites were destroyed.


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