Anonymous activists liberated two pigs from a factory farm in Austria. The pigs will spend the rest of their lives at a sanctuary. Click here for video from the liberation.


reported by the Association Against Animal Factories (translation):

"The greatest gift is freedom - a Christmas story with a difference:
During this visit, unfortunately, only 16 hens and 4 turkeys could be saved. For these creatures, however, now begins a new life in freedom with animal-loving people."


On January 28th, during a large anti-fascist/anti-racist demonstration in Vienna, a shop window at Kleider Bauer (fur retailer) was smashed.

news report:

"In Mid-June, 8 locks of the outer doors of the Kleider Bauer shop in
Museumstra�e in Innsbruck, Western Austria, were superglued. Kleider
Bauer has been critisized for selling fur."


News media has reported that a four-year-old Chihuahua and eight puppies were "stolen" from a breeder late on June 5 in the city of Bruck an der Leitha. The breeder, Christa Guntendorfer, has blamed "radical animal rights activists" for the burglary. She said that she sells about 200 puppies per year, and placed a value of �5000 on the missing dogs.

Kleider Bauer

received anonymously (rough translation):

"Animals and humans are subjected to the same cold capitalist logic. To exploit and to kill are seen as completely natural. In the fur industry, animals are imprisoned, and suffer unbearable pain before death. One company that is involved in this is Kleider Bauer!
In March we placed a small incendiary device in a Kleider Bauer store in Innsbruck. The device was designed to trigger the sprinkler system at night, and was so small that we could hide it inside a cigarette pack. The hand of a wrist-watch completes a circuit and sends electricity to the filaments of a small light bulb, starting a flame.
As Kleider Bauer imprisons, kills and dismembers sentient beings for profit, we see it as a moral duty to counter this exploiter and murderer with direct actions.
Since Kleider Bauer and the police do not want to inform the public about this action, we will. The blood on Kleider Bauer's hands cannot be washed off by corrupt courts and investigative bodies. We will not rest, so long as the guilty ones continue doing business with death.

Against domination, for life.


"Tiere und Menschen sind der gleichen kapitalistischen Verwertbarkeitslogik unterworfen. Eine, in der es als etwas v�llig selbstverst�ndliches angesehen wird, auszubeuten und zu morden. Ein Teilbereich der Ausbeutung, der f�r tierliche Individuen Haft, unertr�gliche Qual und den Tod nach sich zieht, ist die Pelzindustrie. Ein Konzern, der in diese involviert ist, ist Kleider Bauer!
F�r Tiere Partei ergreifend, verbrachten wir im M�rz einen Miniaturbrandsatz in eine Au�enstelle von Kleider Bauer in Innsbruck. Dieser Miniaturbrandsatz, welcher nachts das L�schsystem ausl�sen sollte, war so klein, dass wir ihn in einer Zigarettenpackung verstecken konnten. Durch den Zeiger einer Armbanduhr wurde ein Stromkreis mit einer kleinen Gl�hbirne geschlossen, wodurch diese einen Grillanz�nder entflammen sollte.
So wie Kleider Bauer sich aus Profitinteressen f�hlender Lebewesen bedient, ihre Gefangenhaltung, T�tung und Zerst�ckelung in Auftrag gibt, so sehen wir es als eine moralische Pflicht, den AusbeuterInnen und M�rderInnen mit direkten Aktionen entgegenzutreten.
Da Kleider Bauer und die Polizei die �ffentlichkeit �ber diese Aktion nicht informieren wollen, m�chten wir es hiermit. Das Blut an Kleider Bauer�s H�nden l�sst sich auch nicht von korrupten Gerichten und Ermittlungsbeh�rden abwaschen. Wir werden nicht ruhen, solange die Schuldigen nicht Abstand nehmen vom Gesch�ft mit dem Tod.

Gegen Herrschaft, f�r das Leben.



reported by activists from Austria:

"2.03.2010: KleiderBauer in Vienna-Favoriten: three display windows and front door smashed.

11.03.2010: during a big student demonstration the KleiderBauer shop on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna got paintbombed."

Daniel Vasella

received anonymously (photo: Zoom-Tirol):
Daniel Vasella's Hunting House
Oberbach, A-6653 Bach, Austria
night 02-03 August 2009
As well as butchering animals at HLS, Novartis Chairman and CEO Daniel Vasella likes to butcher animals in his own private hunting estate in Austria. He had it personally built in a town called Bach, up in the mountains. There is a large cooling unit and an area for preparing his kills, which he sometimes supplies to the local restaurant. There is also a large garage, that we guess holds the car that picks him up from the neighboring town (the rich scumbag flies in on his personal helicopter!)

You could tell it was his house from a distance - the skulls of deer we saw hanging from the walls outside and inside only made us more determined.

60 litres of petrol was concentrated in two places around the house - the roof sheltering the front entrance was packed full of petrol bombs with most of the petrol containers placed under it by the door to catch the wood inside, and around the side the wooden garage door and angled roof supports were targetted with the second group of devices.

It hasn't been your week has it, Daniel? Understand this: This will continue until you sever all ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences. We will attack your private life wherever possible. If you think it's fun killing animals in your own forest in Austria and bring them to your hunting estate, we will destroy it. Have you got any more hobbies Daniel? We will destroy them. We will destroy your life. Just remember one thing, dealing with HLS means dealing with US.

MFAH Austria - if it can burn, it WILL..."

September 2, 2008 -- Animal Rights Prisoners Released

Austria Solidarity: An International Group of Organisations And Individuals Concerned About Human Rights in Austria

On May 21 2008 masked and armed officers of the Austrian elite squad WEGA broke into homes and offices of NGO workers and organisations at the crack of dawn. Since that day, 10 people arrested in the raids have been detained in remand custody without being charged for specific wrongdoings.

UPDATE: 02 September, 2008
The news we've been waiting to hear for the last 3 months - Christof, Elmar, Felix, Jan, J?gen, Kevin, Leo, Martin and Sabine - the remaining 9 Austrian activists have finally been set free!

Story in German available here - we are still working on getting some more info in English available to all.

We are all overwhelmed and extremely pleased and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support over the last couple of months. Every letter, petition and demo you participated in has had a direct impact on the campaign to demand justice for the TEN and is greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

We will no doubt be in touch with more info, in the meantime if you organised a demo on the next Global Solidarity Day (this Friday, 5th September) we hope there's enough time for you to inform others as well.

May 2, 2008 -- Butyric Acid Attack on Hunting Association, Publisher

anonymous communique:

"In 2006 in Austria, a total of over 800,000 animals, of which 250,000 were deer, 125,000 rabbits, 46,800 foxes and over 120,000 birds were shot! In the same year 120,000 hunting licenses were issued!

- Weidwerk, Austria's largest hunting magazine
- ?terreichischer Jagd- und Fischerei-Verlag (publisher of hunting books)
- N?Landesjagdverband (lower Austria hunting association)
all quartered at Wickenburggasse 3 in 1080 Vienna
were in the 17th calendar week attacked with butyric acid (magazine, office and sales room)

Hunting is war against animals

A large number of the animals killed in the forest and fields are unplanned (including pets), but the planned killings of wild animals also mean incredible fear and pain! It rarely happens that an animal dies immediately. The rest are killed by the hunter after being found or succumb slowly to their painful injuries.
The animals who successfully escape the hunters lust for murder experience trauma and broken families.

Hunting is not conservation

Hunting is a grave encroachment on nature:
-- Feeding to have more animals to shoot
-- Manipulation of natural habitats to make room for 'huntable' species
-- The introduction of non-native species for easy hunting, for example, pheasants
-- Tons of lead from bullets

That is why we say:

No peace with animal killers!
For the animals!

Animal Liberation Front - Vienna / Lower Austria"


2006 gab es in ?terreich insgesamt ?er 800.000 Absch?se, davon 250.000 Rehe, 125.000 Hasen, 46.800 F?hse und ?er 120.000 V?el! Im selben Jahr wurden 120.000 Jagdscheine ausgestellt!

weidwerk, ?terreichs auflagenst?kstes Jagdmagazin
?terreichischer Jagd- und Fischerei-Verlag
allesamt einquartiert in der Wickenburggasse 3 in 1080 Wien
waren in der 17. Kalenderwoche Ziel eines Butters?eranschlags(Magazin, B?o und Verkaufsraum)

Jagd ist Krieg gegen Tiere

Eine gro? Zahl der Tiermorde im Wald und Feld sind ungeplant (Haustiere ua) aber auch die geplanten T?ungen bedeuten f? die wildtiere Angst und unglaubliche Schmerzen! Es passiert selten, dass ein getroffenes Tier sofort stirbt. Die ?rigen werden von der J?erhand get?et oder gar nicht gefunden und erliegen langsam ihren qualvollen Verletzungen durch Jagdschrot.
Die Tiere, denen es gelingt den mordl?ternen J?ern zu entkommen erleben Traumata und haben zerissene Familienverb?de.

Jagd ist kein Naturschutz

J?erische \'Hege und Biotoppflege\' ist ein gravierender Eingriff in die Natur:
- F?terung, teilweise mit pr?entiven Medikamenten versetzt, um noch mehr Tiere zum Abschie?n zu haben,
- Manipulation nat?licher Lebensr?me, um Platz f? \"jagdbare\" Tierarten zu schaffen,
- das Aussetzen von eigentlich hier nicht heimischer Tierarten als leichte Jagdbeute, zum Beispiel Fasane,
- Tonnen von Blei aus Schrotpatronen, ...

Deswegen sagen wir:

Kein Friede mit Tierm?dern!
F? die Tiere!

Animal Liberation Front- Sektion Wien/Nieder?terreich"

April 26, 2008 -- Fur Shop Painted

According to the media, a fur shop in Vienna was targeted with red paint.

April 20, 2008 -- 15 Hens Liberated

reported by activists in Austria:

"During the night to 19th April, activists liberated 15 chickens from a barn egg farm."

April 14, 2008 -- 200 Pigs Released from Factory Farm

anonymous communique:

"Angry wild boars liberate their relatives

In the night to Monday, March 31st, a cell of the ALF called 'angry wild boar' liberated 200 genetically, degeneratively altered relatives (called domestic pigs) from a catastrophical factory farm between Brunn and Winzersdorf in the district of Wr. Neustadt, Lower Austria. The liberated pigs immediately started playing in the meadows surrounding the farm and ate grass, which they will be prohibited to do in the months ahead, sitting without anything to do in their dreadfully stinking shit. . . .

Around the farm are kilometres of open land and pasture; why is this way of keeping pigs not prohibited? Most people just remove the suffering from their consciousness and still buy and sell these products. But there are healthy and tasty plant based alternatives not only in specialist shops but in all supermarkets - from meat and different sausages to schnitzel, chili con soya or doener.

Even if those liberated pigs cannot enjoy their freedom for long - every hour counts; since in only a few weeks, they would be brutally kicked into lorries, transported over long distances and killed hanging on their hind legs on the slaughter line, when somebody cuts their throat while they are still fully conscious. They struggle for minutes. Humans with a brain and a heart do not eat animals - especially when they are so similar to themselves, that their organs are being misused by unscrupolous doctors for transplants.
More information on pigs or healthy nutrituion:,, oder

Freedom for pigs!
The angry wild boars"

February 24, 2008 -- Hunting Platforms Cut

reported by activists in Austria:

"On Saturday, media reported that 3 hunting platforms were cut in Salzburg."

January 27, 2008 -- Hunting Platforms Cut

reported by activists in Austria:

"On 23rd January, six hunting platforms were cut in the district of Jennersdorf in the Burgenland in eastern Austria."

January 21, 2008 -- Glaxo Ignores Contamination: Customers at Risk

received anonymously:


NEW: GlaxoSmithKline's toothpaste 'Superglue'

Letters containing a tube of toothpaste were sent to the

* Federal Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (Bundesministerium f? Soziales und Konsumentenschutz)
* Food Analysis Laboratory of the City of Vienna (Lebensmitteluntersuchungsanstalt der Stadt Wien)

to be received on Jan. 9, 2008.

The letters claimed that products of the brands Odol, Parodontax, Dr. Best and Sensodyne had been contaminated with glue and were put in store shelves in several towns in Austria. The toothpaste sent to the laboratory and the ministry was contaminated with superglue (Loctite).

Odol, Parodontax, Dr. Best and Sensodyne are products of GlaxoSmithKline, GSK.

- Then happened NOTHING

no warning of consumers
no media reports
no controls

The supermarkets and drugstores sold all relevant products without interruption.

- What does it take to go on selling possibly contaminated products without hesitation?

A. A nitwit as Minister for Consumer Protection
B. A greedy, ruthless and potentially murderous company like GSK
C. Non-existent national compensation laws to protect consumers

- Open invitation for corporate criminals

All corporate criminals are invited to produce in or export products from Austria regardless of the toxicity. Obviously there are no controls here, but open borders to the countries of the European Union.

GlaxoSmithKline already had its field trial and as it was to be expected, they took the chance. No controls, no media, no laws. Go ahead. Sell what you have, contaminated or not.

- Lessons for activists

There are countries where you actually have to face the horrifying potential of hurting or killing someone. Austria is not the USA, UK or recently France. In those countries regulations guarantee that consumers are protected in cases of potential threats to their health.

A similar action against a candy bar manufacturer took place in Canada Jan. 2, 1992. Cold Buster bars were said to be poisoned with oven cleaning fluid and returned to the store shelves for public consumption. Communiques and samples of contaminated bars were sent to TV stations and newspapers. There was an estimated more than $1 million cost to the manufacturer of this candy just from recalling the candy.

- Will products from GSK ever be save?

Take some Loctite, smear it on your toothbrush, clean your teeth with that and see what your dentist thinks about this. If you still go to a shop and buy Odol, Parodontax, Dr. Best or Sensodyne, then you will never learn.

- Further questions?

In case you have further questions, there is a day and night hotline available. The director of GSK in Austria will certainly help you with problems concerning products from GSK; or send him a superglued toothbrush requesting informations about methods of safe application.

Dr. Eduardo Castro de Pinte Leite
Dreimarksteingasse 6
1190 Wien
Phone: (01) 890 00 45

or contact GSK Austria
Phone: +43 (1) 970 750
Fax: +43 (1) 970 75 170
Fax: +43 (1) 97075 197

If you are calling from outside of Austria, dial 0043 1 890 00 45. Callers from overseas should keep in mind that the time-lag may result in a disturbing ringing of the phone in the small hours of the night in Austria when there is broad daylight at your location.

Animal Rights Militia"

January 9, 2008 - Another Smelly Kleider Bauer Store

According to the website of Die Tierbefreier e.V., the ALF dumped butyric acid inside a Kleider Bauer store in Vienna on January 7 or 8. During the past month, there have been two butyric acid attacks against Kleider Bauer and related stores, and two shops got their windows etched. The activists promise to continue the actions until Kleider Bauer goes fur-free.

German communique:
"letzte nacht haben wir KLEIDER BAUER in der meidlinger hauptstr 19 mit buttersaeure heimgesucht damit wollen wir auf das tausendfache grauen der pelztiere aufmerksam zu machen

KLEIDER BAUER wie lange bleibt ihr noch uneinsichtig?

die animal liberation front wird ihre aktionen fortsetzen bis KLEIDER
BAUER auf den verkauf von pelzen verzichtet

eine zelle der ALF"

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