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A two-month investigation conducted by animal rights activists has exposed horrific and illegal conditions in intensive pig farming businesses throughout Austria and has led to a demand for major reforms.

During August and September 2006, activists entered 125 pig factories in different regions of Austria and documented the living conditions and quality of life for 120,675 pigs. This cross-section represents 3.82% of all pigs farmed in all the major farming areas of the country.

On 27th September, the activists presented their findings at a press conference. The investigation revealed that:

85.5% of pigs live on gridded floor
98.7% of pigs live without straw bedding
98.1% of breeding sows are put into farrowing crates
72.1% of breeding sows are permanently in sow stalls
45.,4% of pigs live with illegally little natural light
99.2% of breeding sows live without nesting material
Only 0.05% of pigs are free range in Austria.
It seems the only Austrian political party opposed to making animal issues a part of their political campaign also happen to be the party currently in power. The Conservative Party issued a statement in response to the press conference, saying that they disagree that pigs are kept in deplorable conditions and that they see no need to change the law.

Activists have set up a web page to publicise their study, complete with images. It can be viewed at

full story: 20060928austrianpigfarming.php

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