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University of Qld animal cruelty leaked worldwide

The University of QLD continues with an inhumane practice of teaching student veterinarians. They are currently performing non recovery surgeries on greyhounds and baby pigs, so they can be lifted onto class room tables.

Other Australian universities are using humane methods of teaching without killing healthy animals. These animals are healthy as its against OHS laws to bring them into universities when sick, injured or aggressive. Simone Hewitt from Nonhuman Rescue Ops says "this practice of killing to teach students is barbaric, vivisection is outdated and inhumane. What ethical message is University of QLD sending to young students, that its ok to kill to learn? Human doctors do not learn this way, med students learn off the shoulder of a licensed doctor, so should vet students".

Dr Lisa Elsner Veterinarian states "I obtained my veterinary degree without killing any patients in the process - upon graduation I had performed many more desexings than anyone in my year and had the confidence to perform surgeries unsupervised".

Since alerting our supporters, animal activists worldwide, many vets themselves, are appalled at this antiquated practice and are calling for an explanation from UQ's Dean, Glen Coleman who refuses to discuss this subject with us.

These non recovery surgeries need to cease immediately so the killing stops and vet students can monitor their patients when they wake up from operations.

For the Animals

Jaylene Musgrave
Vegan Warriors

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