After years of campaigning, Tasmania has become the first state in Australia to commit to a complete phase out of battery cages! Animals Australia - victory for hens!
We (heart) hens!

The good news doesn't end there.

The State Government also vowed to fast-track the phase out of pregnant sow crates by the middle of next year -- well before the pork industry's own target of 2017.

This heralds the beginning of the end for two of the cruellest devices ever used to confine animals raised for food.

This breakthrough for animals in factory farms follows intensive consumer awareness campaigning by Animals Australia, the efforts of colleague groups, and strategic investigations by Tasmanian member society Brightside Farm Sanctuary. Importantly, Tasmania's decision will add pressure on other states to follow suit.

Tasmanian Primary Industries Minister Bryan Green said the landmark decision was underpinned by growing public awareness and by informed consumers refusing to support cruel practices through the choices they make at the supermarket. Our strategy is working!

This victory will reduce needless suffering of thousands upon thousands of sensitive animals. If you have ever donated to our public awareness campaigns, or if you are one of the many people who are leading by example and making kind choices for animals every day -- thank you -- this is your victory too!

Once again, people power is paving a brighter future for animals. But there is still a long way to go. While animals continue to suffer in factory farms across Australia, our campaigns to expose and end this cruelty will continue. Informed consumer choice has immense power to motivate governments, retailers -- and ultimately industries -- to stop supporting cruel practices.

Help us show the rest of Australia that hens in all states deserve better than a life sentence in a cage. Click here to sign the pledge to help make the battery cage history -- EVERYWHERE!

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P.S. Hard-won victories for animals such as this cannot occur without the critical financial support of our members. If you'd like to support our upcoming public awareness initiatives and investigations, please click here -- thank you! hen

What this means for hens:

Battery hens

12 million battery hens suffer in Australian factory farms. An estimated one in six lives in constant pain with a broken bone -- a consequence of lack of exercise from living in a space smaller than an A4 sized sheet of paper. No more battery hen farms can be built in Tasmania, and their numbers will soon be restricted.

What this means for pigs:

Pregnant mother pigs

Sow crates are still in operation across Australia and are used to confine a pregnant mother pig so tightly that she cannot even turn around. Tasmania is the first state to phase these out by law.

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