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Plan to Turn Australia Vegan in 20 Years

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SYDNEY 1 October 2012 Transitioning to sustainable, compassionate,
vegan, plant based diets should be a priority for Australian food
policy, a national vegan group said in its submission to the National
Food Plan today.

'The development of a National Food Plan is an opportunity to reflect
on our use of animals for food and consider alternative diets and food
systems that could promote compassion, sustainability and good
health,' said Greg McFarlane, CEO of Vegan Australia.

"The Green Paper simply treats animals as resources to be exploited.
Missing entirely from the paper is any acknowledgment of the rights of
animals. There is now a growing body of scientific evidence indicating
that animals feel emotions, such as pain and pleasure. The government
has a responsibility to uphold the rights of all sentient beings, both
humans and other animals." said McFarlane.

'There is sound evidence that vegan diets are nutritionally adequate
during all stages of the lifecycle. In fact science supports a
low‐fat, plant‐based diet for optimal health,' said McFarlane.

The vegan group's submission recommends that the National Food Plan aim to:

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