February 10, 2014 - New Zealand KFC DAMAGED IN FIRE

anonymous report (photo: Fairfax NZ News):

"In the early hours of February 7th 2014, KFC in Upper Hutt, New Zealand was badly damaged by fire. The first of many actions by a brave new ALF member."

December 6, 2013 - Australia FENCES CUT AT EMU FARM, 125 ESCAPE

received anonymously:

"On the morning of Wednesday 21st November 125 emus were liberated from a wildlife breeding enterprise just north of Tooraweenah into the Warrumbungle mountains. Farmer reports to have recaptured majority of the birds, though their word can not be trusted.

The Henley family is imprisoning up to 1000 emus on their native lands and farming them mainly for their oil. Each summer at 18-24 months of age they are live transported over 750km only to face a slaughterhouse at the very end.

This attack will not be tolerated."


reported anonymously:

"She was kept on a very short chain and used as a lawn mower. She is going to a very loving home where she will be able to run in large paddocks.
Animals are not machines!"

January 6, 2013 - Australia CHRISTMAS TURKEY RESCUE

reported by Animal Liberation Victoria (click here to learn more about the open rescue):

"ALV carried out an investigation at a free range turkey complex in Northern Victoria. The design of the sheds and the absence of penned areas made it impossible for the birds inside to ever roam outside...."


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