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Lynda Stoner overjoyed at shutting down greyhound racing - July 2016
Atrocities Exposed in Secret Investigations Trigger Parliament Members To Condemn Live Exports - June 2015
Animal Rights campaigner Mark Pearson beats No Land Tax Party's Peter Jones to seat in the Upper House - April 2015
Deep Peace Trust - January 2014
This Machine Frees Oppressed Chickens - November 2013
Factory farming practices to be banned in the ACT! - Sept 2013
Animal Liberation uses drone to spy on Dora Creek chook farmer - Sept 2013
Animal Liberation activists launch spy drone to test free-range claims - August 2013
Government recognises vegan diet as viable option for all Australians - Aug 2013
Roo target in doubt as protests disrupt cull - July 2013
ARAs Campaigned against Victoria Farmed Rabbit Operation - June 2013
Animals Australia: A closer look at the organisation and what it stands for - June 2013
AR Party would Fight Against Cruelty in Senate - May 2013
Australia's Groundbreaking Political Party Announced - May 2013
Drone Will Range Freely Over Farms to Keep Tabs on AW - April 2013
Outcry over hunting arts project - March 2013
Animal Rights Group Protest at PM Meeting - Feb 2013
Australian Dairy Calf Cruelty Investigation - February 2013
Australia's most famous chefs will fight animal cruelty - October 2012
Plan to Turn Australia Vegan in 20 Years - September 2012
Duck producer in trouble over ads - August 2012
Aussie hog producers get undercover video treatment - August 2012
Surferdude & Young Activist Rockin It For The Oceans - July 2012
University of Qld animal cruelty leaked worldwide - July 2012
Duck producer in trouble over 'false claim' ads - July 2012
Australia Targeted in Animal Cruelty Campaign - July 2012
Maleny Dairies Protest Goes Viral - June 2012
Lismore AR Protest - June 2012
Tasmania To Ban Battery Cages - May 2012
Animal Welfare Training Mandatory in NSW - May 2012
The Razor's Edge - April 2012
ARAs fined for Somerville protest - April 2012
Circus, Ballarat races targeted by animal liberation groups - April 2012
ARAs to protest at VFF Annual Conference - April 2012
Tracey Spicer - April 2012
Protest against live export regulations - April 2012
Bail in Hastings for farm protest - April 2012
'They've upset the hens': charged activists in second chook break - 4/2012
Anti-animal-testing billboard banned in Tasmania - April 2012
Animal-rights activists target factory farms - March 2012
Labor Votes Animals Into Office - February 2012
A New Era for Animals in Australia - Jan 2012
Farmers Training to Tweet to Counter ARAs - Dec 2011
Law of the land - August 2011
Australian sheep and cattle mistreated in Turkey - August 2011
Mouse cruelty punished by Australian court - July 2011
AR group rebuffs proposed camel culling - July 2011
Australia considers livestock ban to Indonesia - June 2011
Rooftop Protest at Melbourne Egg Laying Farm - May 2011
Rodeo protesters fear for safety - Feb 2011
Animals Australia Placed Ads in All Major Newspapers - Feb 2011
Two Hunter Councils Say No to Caged Eggs - November 2010
Roo Hunters Hopping Mad Over Call for Ban - July 2010
Raiders Take Aim At Dodgy Breeders - July 2010
Animals Australia Investigation into Chicken Industry - June 2010
Tasmania Bans Sow Stalls - June 2010
Australia to Take Japan to Court Over Whaling - May 2010
Pankaj and Radhika Oswal declare meat war on building site - March 2010
The Much-Abused Chicken is Pecking Back - Feb 2010
Aussie AL Says No to Duck Farm - Jan 2010
ARAs Refused Admission to Spot-Inspect a Piggery - Dec 09
Sarah Wade - ARA - Oct 09

[Gold Coast News -]

IF you have never seen a traditional circus in a public park on the Gold Coast, you never will. As the Lennon Bros Circus rolled up its tents and trundled away from Salk Oval at Palm Beach yesterday, the Gold Coast City Council ruled it would be the last show of its kind in the city. Mayor Ron Clarke led a successful push to immediately ban circuses with exotic animals, also known as traditional circuses, from operating on public land in the city. -- August 2009
full story:

Film Shows Why Caged Egg Farms Should Be Banned - Sept '09
Crack in Factory Farming - August 2009
Woolworths Will Reduce Reliance on Cage Eggs - August 2009
Gold Coast Bans Circus - August 2009
KFC Food Causes Brain Damage, being Sued by 11-year-old - August 2009
Circus Performers Claim Animal Cruelty - June 2009  -- The petition calls for a radical change in the so-called "scientific" attitude to wild animals, which considers them to be essentially without feeling and material for experimentation, destruction, etc. It also calls for an immediate stop to Australia's "culling" and shooting of its wildlife which is at a record level. - April 2009

Police Raid Animal Liberation Offices - April 2009
Victoria Cops Spy on Melbourne Activist Groups - October 2008
Chicken or the Egg? - September 2008
KFC Demo - July 2008
Jamie Oliver Shows the Reality of Chicken Dinner - July 2008
Pound dogs safe from research - June 2008
Death Row Pets - website to educate the people of New South Wales, Australia on the many ways they can take action to reduce the appalling number of unwanted dogs and cats who are killed each year.
Canberra kangaroo cull draws human shields - March 2008
Animal Justice Fund - March 2008
Two ARAs arrested at hunting expo - Feb 08
Animal Cruelty Hot Line (anonymous) - Jan 08
Protest of the Kangaroo Cull - Jan 08
Whaling Protest - January 2008
From Tasmania - "Because This is Wrong" - November 2007
LTE Regarding Society's Treatment of Animals - November 2007
Court Ruling in Favor of Activist Ralph Hahnheuser - October 2007
Politics in RSPCA in South Australia - August 2007
ARAs Target Conference - July 2007
What About Battery Hens Now? - April 2007
Aussies squeeze into human battery cages - February 2007
Investigation into Abuses of Australian Animals - February 2007
Allegation of cruelty sparks raid at piggery - January 2007
Rodeo Cruelty Videos- Australia
Egg Producers Angry - January 2007
Luv-A-Duck Investigation - Dec. 2006
What is broiler poultry farming in Australia?
Labor vows animal cruelty crackdown
Ad campaign says factory farmed pigs are abused - October 2006.
Museling Prot -- April 2006. Naked Museling Protest.
Jamie Yew -- April 2006. Protestor in Brisbane under wraps.
Sheep Exports -- Feb 2006. Egypt bans Australian Sheep Exports.
Alf Santa -- Dec. 2005. Animal Rights Activists Dress as Santa Claus During a Demonstration.

Organizations that support and promote animal welfarism, with some members who do not wish to be associated with the animal liberation front. Four exceptions are listed below (I have deleted the names as I do not have permission to include them). Two more exceptions were received; one was very brief, the other was primarily ad hominems. We'll post all additional comments as we receive them.

Animal-Lib & Animal Liberation & Animal Lib QLD & AL-ACT and
Animal Liberation Victoria, Inc, an abolitionist organization, also supports welfare actions

My name is xxx from ALQ and the views I express here are entirely my own and definitely not those of ALQ.

While I understand where you are coming from with regard to this and you may well be right I would just like to express a dissenting voice. I don't think we should entirely distance ourselves from the ALF. Maybe we should speak out for truth and try to break the wrongful perception that the ALF is a terrorist organisation with no regard for person. I think we should make it clear that we are not the ALF and don't encourage people to act in those ways but that because we have seen the atrocities and brutalities that are committed against animals we find it understandable that some people will use illegal actions to free victims and/or damage property that is used to abuse non-human animals. When the day comes that AL will have to be taken seriously, it may be a good thing that people are prepared to damage property built for sole purpose of inflicting pain or death an animals. As far as I know the ALF has never physically hurt any human or non-human animal. Maybe we should have some solidarity with some more radical elements. When people find out the truth of animal abuse and sympathise with it I find they are generally understanding of the ALF.

Anyway, that is just a devil's advocate blurb. I think it is good to look at all options when deciding whether or not to distance ourselves from the ALF.

I heard that an article was removed from the web site, one about a recent piggery sit-in by Australian activists in South Australia. I know what the individual who contacted you in regards to it (and requested you remove it) said, and I just want to say I don't agree.

I was also at that sit-in, and I personally don't have any problem with it being posted on your web site. I think it is important for activists around the world to know what others are doing; we have so many against us, so many obstacles... it can feel so lonely and frustrating, and getting the word out about what others are doing is, I think, of major importance.

Unlike that person, I'm not contacting you as a representative of any organisation (especially not all Animal Liberation groups in Australia). I just wanted to let you know that that was one individual's view, not indicative of all activists in Australia (probably indicative of only a few, actually, from my experience)).

It gets to me to be negative about a fellow activist (I try not to; putting the cause before personal feelings is vital), but I had to in this instance.

I don't think ALF should delete pages because one person has a problem. That person doesn't ask for opinions of others but gives the wrong idea he does. Most of the activists I have known for many years all believe that the ALF is taking the right actions, but in the south there are no other actions to support except groups that exist. Although these groups claim to model themselves after the philosophy of Mr Peter Singer they promote animal products, which Mr Singer does not. If the news is confused about animal rights, it is not due to links to yor website, but it is due to the inconsistent use of proper terms by "animal liberation" groups who don't want animals to be free or liberated, but instead they fight for animals to be allowed suffer less before they are killed.

Animal rights in Australia is a joke because jokers like xxx talk out of both sides their butt holes. They concern themselves with their image, but not their integrity.

[edited; substantially shortened for clarity and paraphrased] They know nothing about the root causes of their image, and they have knee-jerk reactions to news media reports because they want to suck money from the public's tit.


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