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(Au) My Voice: Animal Rights Activist Sofia Todorova

[Northern Weekly]

Sofia Todorova heads an animal rights group at La Trobe University that helped save 20 lambs used in a nutrition experiment.

"I've always been perplexed by society's apathy about non-human animals. Their plight is colossal and, to an equal extent, it is ignored. Despite superior evidence to the contrary, humanity continues to deem maltreatment of animals as ethical and "humane".

Animals are prejudiced in manners akin to sexism, racism, women's oppression and all forms of discrimination. They are considered property and are expended, then discarded like disposable units. If applied to humans, these would be considered criminal acts.

In mid-2011, I decided to take action and founded the Non-Human Animal Protection Society (NAPS) at La Trobe University, for animal rights.

Animal rights is different from animal welfare. Animal rights acknowledge the individual, whereas animal welfare seeks "humane" ways to use animals for human benefit.

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