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Animal rights activists chain themselves to SA piggery

A group of 25 animal rights activists from around Australia have converged on a piggery north of Adelaide and chained themselves into the stalls in protest at the conditions there.

Senator Amanda Vanstone is a shareholder in Wasleys piggery but says she has nothing to do with its running.

The piggery passed an RSPCA inspection earlier this year, but the executive director of Animal Liberation New South Wales, Mark Pearson, says the pens are smaller than regulation size.

"We're staying here until either these sows get out of these stalls or are taken out of these stalls or we get a commitment from the police to undertake that formal inspection so that we can all be here lawfully looking at the situation these animals are in," he said.

Mark Peters from the RSPCA says some stalls at Wasleys are smaller than suggested in the code of conduct, but the code is not legally binding.

"The governments around Australia allow that method of farming and we can't take action unless there's a clear breach on the laws as they're written," he said.

Police are monitoring the protest.

TWENTY five animal rights activists have been removed by police from a piggery in which Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone owns shares after chaining themselves to pens this morning.

Animal Liberation protesters from South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales stormed the piggery at Wasley, north of Adelaide, at 5.30am over concerns the animals were living in poor conditions.

The group failed to move after six hours of negotiations with police, RSPCA and piggery managers.

Police arrested 25 of the group but released them a short time later just outside the front gates of the property.

No charges have yet being laid but police refused to rule out the possibility.

RSPCA spokesman Mark Peters said the piggery was under ongoing investigation.


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