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Petition To Ban Hunting


Animal Liberation Association is advocating a ban on hunting and suggesting the current hunting grounds be turned into national parks.

Animal Liberation Association has called all the citizens who are interested to sign the petition to ban hunting in Croatia today at their informative booth in Jurisiceva street. Along with the petition, organization members offered all the necessary information and brochures "hunters' 8 lies" on the needlessness and cruelty of hunting.

- We are the first organization that seeks a ban on hunting because there is no reason for it -- said Zeljko Skender, president of the Association, and added that, apart from the ban, they are suggesting that the existing hunting grounds be turned into national nature parks so that plant and animal variety is protected.

As part of the anti-hunting campaign, the Association will organize a protest in front of the Croatian Hunters Union building and, in this way, express their disapproval.

- I support all campaigns related to animal protection and that is why I signed the petition. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we have to do it for them! -- said Jasenka Tudor, one of the people who signed the petition.

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