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Easter 2007 Message

Animal Friends Croatia president Luka Oman decided to make an unforgettable Easter-action


- The longest lasting protest in Croatia

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On April 5, 2007at 12 P.M. Mr. Luka Oman has locked himself into a cage for 24 hours. This protest was meant to point out the suffering of hens raised for eggs, that spend their lives in a cage usually not bigger than a sheet of paper.

All Croatian media reported from Zagreb main square about this event, and Luka Oman appeared four times in the prime time and night news of two TV stations, whilst on 'Nova TV' he has been live on-air for five minutes after the 8 o'clock news as 'event of the day'. At the end of this report the news host congratulated Luka to his birthday, which was on the very same day he had locked himself into the cage.

Three hours after the news on TV, around 11 P.M. a man travelled all the way from the three-hours- drive-away town Pozega, only to throw eggs at Luka, the AFC table and the activists. The police promptly arrived and arrested the vandal.

Frozen (it was 3�C at night), hungry and thirsty after 24 hours in the cage, Luka left it at noon on April 6.

AFC press release and pictures from the event which caused scores of reactions all over Croatia can be seen and downloaded here:

http://www.prijatel ji-zivotinja. hr/index. en.php?id= 758

http://www.prijatel ji-zivotinja. hr/index. en.php?id= 759

We thank Luka for this brave sacrifice he made on Easter to show the bad conditions battery hens live and die in!

Animal Friends Croatia

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