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Anti-fur Protest Feb 2007

February 13, 2007

Subject: report and photos from Croatia

Hello everyone,

we just returned from the Chinese embassy in Zagreb, Croatia. Counting up to 25 participants and 12 policemen in our protest, which was accompanied by banners, a body screen showing a video of cats and dogs being skinned alive, and one activist speaking paroles with the megaphone, we spend an hour in front on the Chinese embassy.

There was no reaction from inside the embassy, but there were two TV stations and some newspaper journalists accompanying the protest with interest. They all received a press release, and CDs/DVDs with photos and films showing the cruelty done to dogs and cats in China. We will see tonight what will end up in the 8 o'clock news and tomorrow's papers.

All in all this was a nice protest with many activists, regarding the location of the Chinese embassy. Hopefully the others were successful around the globe and it all had some effect on politics and EU lawmakers.

More on today's protest on our website at http://www.prijatel ji-zivotinja. hr/index. en.php?id= 731

Best wishes from the Animal Friends Croatia,


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