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Animal Protection Act

Animal Protection Act of Croatia, that came into force with January 1, 2007, is translated into English and it can be seen on the Animal Friends Croatia web site:

Some Regulations From the New Animal Protection Act:
- ban on breeding animals for fur with a transition period of ten years
- ban on giving away live animals as prizes in lotteries
- ban on sale of dogs and cats in pet stores
- ban on using wild animals in circuses
- ban on using wild animals in performances and entertainment
- ban on dog racing on hard surfaces
- ban on instigating and conducting of animal fighting except traditional bull fighting
- ban on force-feeding
- ban on ritual slaughter of animals without previous stunning
- mandatory providing of assistance to injured animals
- ban on ear-clipping and tail-docking of dogs, de-clawing of cats, removing of vocal chords
- ban on killing of healthy companion animals
- introducing of Ethical Committee and Committee for Animal Protection
- ban on animal experiments for the purpose of research or development of ingredients, combinations of ingredients or final cosmetic products
- ban on animal experiments for the purpose of testing cleansers and substances for disinfection of goods for general use
- ban on animal experiments for the purpose of testing weapons or any other war machinery
- ban on conducting animal experiments in elementary schools and high schools
- ban on using live animals as hunting baits
- ban on selling live animals to minor persons
- mandatory deliver of written care instructions along with every companion animal sold
- mandatory hire of qualified personal to work with animals
- every pet owner is obliged to control breeding of own companion animals and to take care of the offspring
- every county is obligated to build an animal shelter (euthanasia possible after 60 days)
- introduction of legal possibility to order permanent ban on keeping companion animals
- obligation to raise public awareness on animal protection

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